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Outlier Ventures launches dream assembly base camp accelerator


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In another attempt to drive the future of Web3 luxury commerce, Outlier Ventures alongside FARFETCH have launched its Dream Assembly Base Camp Cohort Two. As revealed, the two firms intend to provide mentorship, networking and support for interested startups.

Furthermore, the Dream Assembly Base Camp will run for 12 weeks remotely. During that period, startups participating in the program will be exposed to luxury data infrastructure, community tools, digital fashion experience, self-representation and sustainability.

According to the announcement, the participating startups will enjoy access to FARFETCH and Outlier Ventures’ networks from prominent mentors across different sectors. These sectors include technology, fashion and Web3. Also, the initiative will be graced by a league of investors, therefore, aiding future fundraising endeavours of startups that participated in the program.

Recall that last year, FARFETCH and Outlier Ventures initiated the inaugural edition of the Dream Assembly Base Camp initiative. The inaugural edition focused on luxury commerce, community strategy, tokenization and product roadmap.

Likewise, the program will leverage Outlier Ventures’ deep knowledge and experience of the Web3 industry. Consequently, enjoying FARFETCH’s eagle eye view on all aspects of the fashion industry to push the industry to the next level. Lastly, the announcement indicated that the applications for the Dream Assembly Base Camp program will commence today. More so, the registration will close by March 24, 2023, as the program will commence in mid-April 2023.

Notable reactions to the FARFETCH and Outlier Ventures’ Dream Assembly Base Camp

The innovative attempt of FARFETCH and Outlier Ventures to advance Web 3 luxury commerce has attracted reactions from top executives of the two organizations. The Senior Director of Product Innovation of FARFETCH, Carol Hilsum reacted to the development. According to Hilsum, the program will aid the shaping of Web3 luxury commerce with its innovative solutions. Furthermore, the executive established that the program with its luxury data infrastructure will push the advancement of the industry.

Also, Outlier Ventures’ Program Manager, Blake Lezenski reacted to the initiative. The executive said, “We saw through our previous Dream Assembly Base Camp cohort how Web3 technology can have a huge impact on the fashion industry and luxury commerce.” Lezenski added, that the initiative will create a new forefront of identity expression, helping redefine a deeper experience for consumers.

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