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Fewcha Wallet partners Galxe to revolutionize on-chain engagement on Aptos


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In a bid to advance on-chain activities on the Aptos ecosystem, Fewcha and Galxe have partnered. According to a blog post, the two firm will pursue this dream by leveraging Galxe connection with the Aptos community. With that, the partnership will push to revolutionize on-chain engagement on Aptos.

Consequently, the collaboration will see Fewcha users enjoy numerous on-chain rewards. More so, the collaboration will aid Fewsha users to explore more possibilities and create value in innovative ways. The announcement described the partnership as a perfect match for supporting an open credential data network, built on a foundation of trust and transparency.

Further, the two firms will focus on designing innovative solutions and enhance the adoption of the Aptos blockchain. Likewise, focus will be on providing users with a gateway to the opportunities embedded in the Web3 space. The latest development surfaced as part of the numerous effort of Fewsha to drive more adoption of Aptos.

Worth mentioning that Aptos is a Layer 1 Proof-of-Stake (PoS) network with a TPS of 150,000. The blockchain intends to aid the mainstream adoption of Web3 while providing support for developers in designing life-changing solutions. The project was developed by former employees of Meta; Mo Shaikh and Avery Ching.

Side notes about Fewcha effort towards ehancing adoption

In recent times, Fewcha has shown remarkable efforts towards fostering its offerings and expanding the Aptos ecosystem. Barely a few months ago, the wallet provider collaborated PancakeSwap, a multi-chain decentralized exchange. This collaboration fosters the accessibility of PancakeSwap on Fewcha’s app explorer, thereby expanding the Aptos ecosystem.

Also, the firm partnered with Celer network so as to enable users to access fast, reliable and cost-effective services of Celer on its wallet. Fewcha also listed cab ridge in its wallet explorer, thus fostering easy transfer of funds from one chain to Aptos network. Last year, Fewcha wallet unveiled its web3 connection libraries to aid the integration of dApps developers to Aptos. Through this solution, developers can link to local or remote Aptos networks using API URL or direct connection to Fewcha wallet.

Meanwhile, Fewcha seeks to foster the transfer of crypto assets between wallets and decentralized applications. It avails web3 solutions for every contributor on Aptos. As of the time of writing, the wallet provider has been able to get the loyalty of over 45,000 users. Now, with Galxe the push will gain more support as Fewsha’s latest partner has a base of over 67 million users.

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