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Aptos partners NBCUniversal to launch FREE RENFIELD on its network


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Popular Layer 1 blockchain, Aptos has collaborated with NBCUniversal to launch a Hollywood-themed web3 game, FREE RENFIELD on its network. The protocol announced the development in its Friday Twitter post. According to the announcement, the web3 game comes with digital collectibles, allowing fans to enjoy remarkable gaming and movie experience.

Aptos highlighted the various features enveloped in the digital collectibles. According to the protocol, the collectibles are dynamic, with evolving skins and rarity. Certainly, FREE RENFIELD will pave the way for the onboarding of millions of movie-lovers and Dracula-fans to web3.

In the announcement, Aptos also listed the numerous prizes that can be won with FREE RENFIELD. Reportedly, the prizes include movie-inspired digital collectibles, custom Dracula inspired-jewelry, 24 carat gold bug jewelry, vintage Dracula film posters, a rare 1967 Dracula horror-themed pinball machine and many more. Although this opportunity is only open to legal residents in the 50 United States, including District of Columbia.

Aptos aiming to expand the adoption of web3

In a bid to expand the adoption of web3, Aptos has in recent times, onboarded many projects to its ecosystem. Just recently, it onboarded OpeanOcean, a DEX aggregator to its network. This development thus allowed OpenOcean’s API, SDK and Widget to run on Aptos, thereby giving developers, investors and Web3 projects on its network access to them.

In late 2022, renowned automated market maker, PancakeSwap also unveiled its farms offering on Aptos. Then, PancakeSwap said it chose Aptos because of its low transaction costs, high transaction throughput, and transaction speed. Also, it said the layer 1 blockchain uses a novel and developer optimized system to facilitate its numerous technical and user improvements.

Empowerment of startups by OKX arm

As part of the measures towards empowering projects building on Aptos, Blockdream ventures, an investment arm of OKX launched a $10 million fund. Then, the arm asked interested startup developers on the ecosystem to send their application to a specified email. Beyond the funds, Blockdream also aim to assist the projects to improve products and services. More so, it wants to enable them get better business collaborations to connect their offerings to the global users.

According to findings, the blockchain network possesses the capacity to process 160,000 transactions per second. Even with this huge transaction rates, the failure of any of the transaction does not affect its chain because they are handled simultaneously with parallel execution.

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