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Huobi, Gala Games collaborates Web3 advancement


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The advancement of the Web3 ecosystem will gain a fresh boost following the collaboration of Huobi and Gala Games. In a blog post today, the cryptocurrency exchange disclosed a collaboration with Gala Games. The new partner is a blockchain play-to-earn gaming platform. As announced, the partnership will see the two firms invest and support Web3 projects.

Also, the collaboration will birth co-branding, project and community building. The collaboration emerged as part of Huobi’s effort to pursue its goals regarding the Web3 space. More so, the recent effort will see the Huobi integrate with Gala layer-1 blockchain to enhance the underlying on-chain innovation.

Worth mentioning that Gala Games supports developers to design games giving full control to players. With that, players can trade in-game assets like they were real-time items. Additionally, the control system of these games requires that developers seek gamers’ consent before modifying or deleting these items.

Further, Gala Games President of Blockchain, Jason Brink spoke highly of the collaboration with Huobi. The executive revealed how the partnership will help Gala Games to enjoy more adoption. Brink indicated that integrating with a prominent crypto exchange like Huobi will shower Gala Games with more attention in the crypto market. Lastly, the executive said the collaboration will support future developers to create a stable and secure Web3.

Huobi’s effort towards expansion

Lately, Huobi has been pushing to advance its global presence. On February 20, 2023, the cryptocurrency exchange announced its intention to join the host of virtual asset businesses venturing into the Hong Kong Market. As reported by Binbits, the CEO of the crypto exchange Justin Sun confirmed the development.

Accordingly, the CEO of Huobi stressed the firm’s willingness to comply with regulators. Justin Sun added that venturing into the Hong Kong market will provide the crypto exchange the privilege to extend its services. Now, the latest collaboration with Gala Games will further enhance the crypto exchange’s effort toward advancing its services.

Presently, Huobi is ranked 17th on the list of crypto exchanges by trading volume. Founded in 2013 in China, the crypto exchange houses more than 550 tokens and 300 trading pairs. The platform operates in more than 100 countries across the globe. On January 16, 2023, a collaborative effort of Huobi and Binance help reclaim some of the stolen crypto assets from the Harmony Horizon Bridge.

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