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Animoca Brands, Altava Group collaborate to provide advanced metaverse service


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Leading Web3 firm, Animoca Brands has granted a licensing partnership to Altava Group. In a blog post today, the firm revealed how the license will provide Altava the right to use some of Animoca Brands NFTs. As announced, under the company’s advanced digital property rights for games and open metaverse Altava will make use of Animoca Brands’ Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs. 

According to the announcement, the firm described Alvata Group as a luxury fashion brand that brings culture-defining brands into the metaverse. As announced the collaboration will focus fully on providing advanced metaverse services.

More Insights into the collaboration indicated that the firm will license its BAYC intellectual property to ALTAVA Bored Ape Golf Club (BAGC). Worth mentioning, the BACG is a golf-themed derivative of BAYC that uses NFTs from the collection belonging to The Sandbox, Elite Apes and Animoca Brands. 

Consequently, the BAYC NFTs belonging to the aforementioned firms will be assigned to a special edition class in the BAGC virtual collection. Additionally, these special edition NFTs will be branded by Animoca Brands and The Sandbox as sports outfits. The NFTs is designed to provided utility and access to some exclusive services. 

As announced, the collection will provide access to some golf country clubs. These countries are Korea, Turkey and Vietnam. More so, the collection will the aid of Animoca Brand will provide IP Ownership, Licensing and Management service. Meanwhile, the collaboration will provide ways which users can monetize their IP. As a result of the collaboration with ALTAVA has set up a team to aid users monetize their IP.

The growing status of Animoca Brands In the Web3 Space 

Recently, Animoca Brands collaborated with STC Play to advance the Web3 and Open metaverse space. The collaboration birthed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two firms. Likewise, STC play will provide a pathway that’ll see the distribution of video games in the middle east. 

Meanwhile, the collaboration represented part of the increasing efforts of Animoca Brands to become a force to reckon with in the Web3 space. Lastly, with the collaboration, the Web3 sphere in the Middle East will gain more ground for advancement.

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