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Deutsche Telekom joins Polygon network validators


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Deutsche Telekom has emerged as one of the validators of the Polygon network. The development surfaced today after the leading integrated telecommunications company made an announcement in an official blog post. According to the announcement, the telecommunications company revealed that it will provide staking and validation services for the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) network and Polygon’s Supernets solutions. 

Furthermore, Deutsche Telekom stated that the support for Polygon emerged as part of its efforts to expand its activities in the blockchain technology sphere. Meanwhile, one of the Telecommunications firm subsidiaries, Deutsche Telekom MMS is one of the 100 validators on the Polygon Network. Now, Deutsche Telekom now joins the likes of Flow, Celo, Chainlink, and Ethereum to extend its validation nodes to the blockchain.

More so, the collaboration with Polygon marks a new height for Deutsche Telekom. The partnership will present an opportunity for the telecommunications firm to exploit the potential of blockchain technology. Also, it will aid applications suitable for mass deployment. Reflecting this opinion is Dirk Röder the Head of the Blockchain Solutions Center at Deutsche Telekom. 

The executive described Polygon as a developer-friendly ecosystem. Dirk Röder added that the network is resource-efficient and is based on the best security standards of the Ethereum ecosystem. Additionally, Dirk Röder disclosed that Deutsche Telekom will leverage the partnership to enhance its presence in the blockchain sphere. 

Similarly, the Chief Operating Officer of Polygon Labs, Michael Blank also reacted to the development. According to the COO, the collaboration will pave the way for more companies to venture into the blockchain technology sphere via Polygon. Consequently, Michael Blank went on to express excitement about the collaboration. He added that the partnership will empower consumers by unlocking the ownership and autonomy that web3 technology offers.

Side note about Polygon 

Recently, Polygon recorded a remarkable height in its effort to make Ethereum more scalable. On March 27, 2023, the network announced the launching of its Zero-Knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine. As revealed, the tool is aimed at offering more scalability to the Ethereum network. The design of the Polygon zkEVM runs transactions on rollups into a zero-knowledge proof. It then executes the proofs on Ethereum. Presently, the Polygon zkEVM is one of the tools that have provided answers to the scalability issue combating Ethereum. 

Alongside the zkEVM, the latest collaboration with Deutsche Telekom will further attract more users to Polygon. Presently, the network is regarded as one of the largest DeFi blockchains. According to DeFiLlama, as of May 31, 2023, the Total Value Locked on Polygon is worth $1.02 billion. The figure represents a noticeable growth in what has been a progressive year for the network.

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