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Binance Pay, Picodi collaborates to facilitate crypto cashback program


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In a bid to further drive the adoption of crypto, Binance Pay has collaborated with Picodi. According to an official announcement by Binance today, the collaboration will see Binance Pay offer cash back in USDT, BNB, and BTC whenever they patronize online stores through Picodi. As revealed, new users are bound to enjoy a 15% cash back whenever they make payments with the payment platform for every merchandise they acquire from online stores supported by Picodi. 

Consequently, the announcement indicated that existing users will as well benefit from the collaboration. Unlike new users, existing customers will enjoy a 5% cash back. More so, the offer is up for grabs for users from 44 countries. Though in the announcement, Binance Pay revealed that the offer will be extended to users in other countries soon. 

Furthermore, in the announcement, the payment platform expressed its excitement to collaborate with Picodi. Binance Pay described the innovation as an attempt to bring crypto to a wide audience of online shoppers. Meanwhile, the payment platform described Picodi as an international Cashback platform that offers users spending rewards when they patronize online stores. 

As announced, the Picodi cashback program is available in more than 5,000 online outlets. Firms like Aliexpress, Adidas, Nike, Booking.com, NordVPN, Samsung, and The North Face presently support the crypto cashback initiative. Worth mentioning that the collaboration will aid users in directly withdrawing their cashback rewards into their Binance wallet. 

Binance Pay as a major crusader for crypto adoption

Since the turn of the year, Binance Pay has collaborated with numerous firms and business outlets to facilitate the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency. On March 27, 2023, Alchemy Pay, Binance Pay, and Instpower collaborated. This partnership saw the installation of Instpower rental power bank machines at Burger King’s restaurants in France. The collaboration surfaced as an attempt to establish more use cases for cryptocurrency across the globe.

Another notable collaboration surfaced early this year. On February 28, 2023, the payment platform partnered with CityPay. CityPay is a crypto payment gateway outlet based in Georgia. Then, the partnership focused on aiding people in Georgia to make payments in cryptocurrency at Wendy’s. Wendy’s as revealed is an American Fast Food with a global chain of restaurants. Also, through the collaboration, Binance Pay added support for users to acquire merchandise from 600 outlets. 

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