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Delysium raises $10m from strategic round


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AI-powered open world with diverse Free-to-Own universes, Delysium has completed a $10 million strategic funding round. The project gave the update in its Monday blog post. As announced, the funding round was led by LA-based VC Anthos Capital.

Other participants in the investment include Immutable, GSR, Blockchain Coinvestors, Leonis Capital, Antalpha Ventures(Bitmain’s venture arm), Perion and Formless Capital. Notably, Delysium aims to harness the funds in developing its content, thereby facilitating unique AI-powered experiences. More so, it plans to develop the Delysium Multiverse, “an open-source & decentralized publishing structure for web3 games.

Delysium, in the announcement, appreciated its contributors for their trust, understanding, and companionship. As of press time, the contributors of the project include rct AI, Deterrence, Y Combinator, Galaxy Interactive, Makers Fund, Immutable, Anthos Capital, Republic Crypto, FTX Ventures, and other investors as well as web3 gaming partners.

Delysium to initiate its official inaugural season soon

According to Delysium, the support of its contributors to the project enabled over 5,000 gamers to eagerly participated in Delysium’s Pre-Alpha testing. As reported, the Pre-Alpha testing unfolded last May and the project aims to initiate its official inaugural season soon.

Notably, Delysium as a popular AAA blockchain game became developed by a team of professionals in the gaming industry. The project possesses “superb quality and playability in the whole web3 game industry.” Last September, it unveiled the World’s First Playable Whitepaper as a game. The whitepaper, as presented, consisted its core content in a fun, accessible, and interactive form. Within two weeks of its launch, the Whitepaper game reportedly gathered more than 450,000 views.

More so, Delysium has continued to passionately collaborate with its community. With this, it has been able to deliver “a visually stunning and first-rate Battle Royale game.” Additionally, the project, in recent times, integrated cutting-edge technologies, including AI-to-earn (AI yield farming), AI conversation models, AI intent recognition and AI motion generation to develop “cognitively aware virtual beings that are massively distributed to every corner of Delysium.” This integration, as reported, was made possible through Deterrence, an AI Layer for powering intelligent NFTs, developed by rct AI. Remarkably, the dynamism and interactivity of the built facilitates a “personalized gaming experience distinct from any other games.”

Worth noting that Delysium aims to engage various Delysium Multiverse Operators in the world. This, according to the announcement, tends to help “set diverse on-chain incentives and co-produce abundant game content.” Also, it intends to make game publishing more dynamic. This thus allows everyone to set “various on-chain or off-chain incentives based on in-game data to motivate players to behave towards the benefits.”

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