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CryptoWire and Google Cloud Shook Hands To Build Efficient Crypto Eco-System


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The recently launched Crypto Super App, CryptoWire will be empowered with the power of Google Cloud. TickerPlant has announced the same today. With this collaboration, it will be possible to enhance the CryptoWire ecosystem even more.

CryptoWire is a hub of information for the crypto enthusiast having real-time and unbiased information. Additionally, it shares market prices, predictions, and a whole lot more for helping the enthusiasts make a calculated choice.

Not only that, but it even takes it one step further by getting into the ed-tech domain when it comes to Crypto. The eco-system contains Crypto University, CryptoTV and CryptoWire itself.

It boasts unbiased, transparent, and built to educate and facilitate everyday users. It gives them a clear edge as there’s an extensive array of rising fraudulent activities related to Crypto since its rapid growth.

Released in December 2021 by TickerPlant, CryptoWire has grown in reputation and number quite rapidly. They are speeding up even more with this collaboration with Google Cloud.

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This Is What Higher Ups at Google Cloud and CryptoWire Have To Say About The Collaboration

Jigish Sonagara, CEO and Managing Director at TickerPlant, believed that he had observed such rapid growth of Crypto that they need to be at total capacity in technical assets and more to match the pace and not fall back. Now, shaking hands with Google Cloud will help them bring efficiency and rapidness to serve their user better and faster.

Most of CryptoWire operations depend upon delivering content in real-time, which is how they will use Google Cloud’s scalable, reliable, and high-performance data management infrastructure to expand and scale-up.

“We are excited to provide the secure and scalable cloud infrastructure to innovative businesses like TickerPlant. As it accelerates and scales access to blockchain and cryptocurrency information with CryptoWire. And to supporting them as they develop new products and offerings to create value for customers and users,” says Bikram Bedi, Google Cloud India Managing Director.

TickerPlant COO Rushabh Shah also admired the collaboration and noted that it would revolutionize the space. It would make the platform efficient, which in turn helps to state CryptoWire as a Global Frontier. It will be used by economies, industries, stakeholders, new generation entrepreneurs, and professionals for unleashing immense growth potential.

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