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Chainsafe partners Polywrap to launch Substrate Wrapper


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In a new collaboration, Chainsafe has partnered Polywarp to launch Substrate Wrapper to aid developers create standard interfaces for common use cases. According to a Twitter post today, the protocol confirms the innovation, while registering confidence that it’ll change Web3 developers’ perspective about the Polkadot Ecosystem.

The development emanated after ChainSafe secured a sponsorship grant from PolySwap and Web3 foundation. According to the blog post, ChainSafe aimed to design the Substrate Wrapper with the funds. The firm attached a blog post to the announcement explaining some notable features of the Substrate Wrapper.

Furthermore, ChainSafe explained that the innovation is a universal SDK supported by Polywrap to enhance developers’ outreach of building on the Polkadot and Substrate ecosystem. With the support from Polywrap, the Substrate Wrapper can easily integrate with dApps, aiding them to interact with web3 protocols.

Additionally, through the blog post, ChainSafe explained that the value of a Wrapper is worth more than a regular SDK. This is due to the unison of language Wrappers are written in. Despite that, other applications with any language or numerous languages can use these Wrappers. Also, these wrappers are connected with one another providing developers with different uses cases.

Side notes about ChainSafe and Polkadot

Worth noting that in 2017, ChainSafe came into existence during an Ethereum hang-out in Toronto. The organization is pursuing to becoming a leading multi-chain research and development outfit. In that regard, the firm has initiated numerous projects, contributing to the growth of top ecosystems like Ethereum, Polkadot, Filecoin, Mina and many others.

Similarly, ChainSafe focuses on building multidimensional and innovative products to advance the creation of game-changing solutions. With the introduction of the Substrate Wrapper, the firm will bring a new dimension of compatibility to Polkadot. Further, the development will provide an advanced layer of standardization for Polkadot developers.

Meanwhile, Polkadot in recent times has been facing stern competition with emerging blockchains. The recent effort from ChainSafe will further entice more developers to the ecosystem, aiding its growth and advancement. The synergy between the two compliments their respective pursuit in the industry. Polkadot through its foundation is seeking to simplify the invention of new tools and establishments.

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