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Chainlink partners Ahnlab to facilitate widespread web3 adoption


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On Friday, Chainlink collaborated with Ahnlab blockchain firm to foster widespread adoption of web3. In its latest blog post, the protocol explained the terms of the partnership. According to Ahnlab, its collaboration with Chainlink will provide an enablement for users and institutions to carry out safe and reliable transactions on web3.

Ahnlab is notable as one of the renowned blockchain firms, with outstanding expertise in cyber security. It has over the years, leveraged this expertise to come up with a safe, reliable and accessible ABC wallet. This wallet, acccording to reports, allows users to easily access Dapps, recover their private keys, manage their assets and many more.

Now, Ahnlab said it intends to leverage its collaboration with Chainlink to develop a reliable applications that will foster the adoption of web3 technology. According to its announcement, it plans to harness Chainlink’s price feeds mechanism to aid its offerings. The blockchain firm said it adopted the price feeds mechanism of Chainlink to display valid prices of fiat in BICScan. It is worthy of note that BICScan is a service that enables users to realize possible threats to blockchain addresses and smart contracts. According to findings, the solution was designed to utilize numerous sources to assess risky wallet addresses and contracts.

Ahnlab describes its partner, Chainlink as a leading provider of reliable web3 infrastructure. It believes the services offered by the protocol will help underpin all its solutions easily.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Ahnlab, Suk-Kyoon Kang made some comments as regard the collaboration. First, he noted that the expansion of the secure infrastructure running on web3 is important to onboard more users into the blockchain sphere. More so, Kang added that this development prompted Ahnlab to collaborate with Chainlink, stressing that the collaboration will help widen its web3 solutions.

Over the past few months, Chainlink’s solutions have recorded massive adoption. Just recently, a known DeFi solutions hub, StarkDeFi joined the BUILD program developed by Chainlink. According to findings, the protocol joined the program so as to aid the long-term growth of its DeFi ecosystem. More so, the integration, as announced then, enables Chainlink to provide technical support and efficient cryptoeconomic security to StarkDeFi. Meanwhile, StarkDeFi, on the other hand, is expected to avail network fees and other benefits to the Chainlink community.

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