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Bitget collaborates Coinpanda to allow users calculate crypto tax seamlessly


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Today, renowned cryptocurrency exchange Bitget collaborated with Coinpanda. The crypto exchange made the disclosure via an official blog post. According to the announcement, the partnership will birth a new feature that’ll allow Bitget users to seamlessly calculate their crypto tax. 

To calculate crypto tax with the new feature, users will import their full transaction history to Coinpanda. As revealed, within a short period, the crypto tax report will become available for download. According to Bitget, the new feature is available to all kinds of users including spot and futures market traders. Likewise, the crypto exchange added that the innovation will aid users to focus on trading without fear about how to report their crypto tax correctly.

Additionally, in the announcement, Bitget provided insights about its new partner. The crypto exchange described Coinpanda as a platform that allows crypto holders to calculate their taxes. More so, the exchange described how Coinpanda allows users to track their portfolios. Also, the platform, according to Bitget, can help provide details about users’ trading and investment performance. 

However, the collaboration with Coinpanda is aimed at ensuring that users of Bitget properly report their crypto tax to relevant authorities. A move that signifies the cryptocurrency exchange’s commitment to ensuring that activities on its platform are in line with regulatory demands. 

Bitget focus on the global adoption of crypto

Lately, Bitget has championed various initiatives aimed at ensuring the global adoption of crypto. On August 4, 2023, the crypto exchange collaborated with popular American actor Adam Devine. With the support of Adam Devine, the exchange intended to encourage people to embrace a new way of life. Similarly, their efforts emphasized how they can adopt the future of money by leveraging modern innovations like Blockchain and Web3.

In May 2023, Bitget through its “Blockchain4Youth” initiative committed $10 million to encourage youthful participation in the crypto and blockchain landscape. The initiative; Blockchain4Youth is targeted at educating the youth about opportunities embedded in the blockchain and web3 space. Further, with the funds, Biget intended to help develop projects belonging to entrepreneurs around the age of 30.

Meanwhile, Bitget is aiming to enhance its reputation among crypto enthusiasts. Recently, the cryptocurrency exchange obtained regulatory approval in countries like Lithuania and Poland. With the extension, the firm pursued providing access to seamless crypto and virtual assets services. 

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