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Bitget partners American Actor Adam Devine to foster widespread crypto adoption


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On Friday, popular crypto exchange, Bitget signed a spectacular deal with American actor and comedian Adam Devine to launch #SetForChange campaign. According to a blog post by the exchange, the campaign will be geared towards fostering the widespread adoption of new trends, including cryptocurrencies.

Through #SetForChange campaign, Bitget seeks to further promote the acceptance of new trends across the globe. Also, it aims to leverage the campaign to enlighten people about the new way of life, how they can adopt the future of money using modern tools, and the potential of Web3.

The managing director of Bitget, Gracy Chen affirms the commitment of the exchange to empower more people to adopt the #SetForChange mindset. According to Chen, such a mindset will enable them to fearlessly embrace innovations and leverage cutting-edge technologies for better development. The exec is optimistic that the collaboration with a well-known celebrity like Adam will help the campaign to reach out to millions of people across the world.

Bitget seeking to onboard millions of users into crypto

In recent years, Bitget has shown a remarkable commitment to onboarding millions of people into the world of crypto. Just recently, it launched an initiative tagged Blockchain4Youth. The exchange allocated $10 million to this project so as to provide support funds for young talents. More so, the project focuses on educating them on the opportunities enveloped in the world of Blockchain. It offers varieties of blockchain courses and certifications to participants within five years.

This Blockchain4Youth initiative is being led by Bitget academy in collaboration with leading universities across the globe. With this, the exchange has been providing campus lectures on Web3 and Blockchain. Also, Bitget in collaboration with other blockchain firms wants to identify promising projects so as to support their development.

Similarly, Bitget also collaborated with Core DAO to launch a $200 million ecosystem fund. The duo aims to leverage the fund to expand all decentralized projects on the Core Layer 1 blockchain. This ecosystem funding enjoys the support of the MEXC exchange. The exchange also wants to support startup projects in areas like research and development, recruitment, marketing, community-building programs, and many more.

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