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InsurAce resumes operation after breach scare


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After shutting down its server as a result of a security breach scare, activities on InsurAce have been restored. The protocol made the development known via a statement on its official Twitter handle. According to the statement, the protocol revealed that its team is working to fix some of the damages the hackers did to its discord server. 

Furthermore, InsurAce went on to emphasize how it prioritizes users’ safety. Due to that, the firm disclosed that there are mechanisms in place to avoid the recurrence of such issues in the future. During the process of the revitalization, the protocol urged community members to shun links outside its original domain. Similarly, InsurAce beseech users to remain vigilant and avoid falling victim to bad actors 

As announced, the project dislodged rumors about an ongoing airdrop. InsurAce established that community members must cooperate with the team by shunning malicious rumors. Also, the protocol added that it is currently investigating the attack. The project discussed how it has reported the issue to the appropriate authorities. Lastly, InsurAce stressed that it is seeking justice and will see to the root of the issue, bringing the culprits to books. 

Insights into the attack on InsurAce 

Recall that on August 2, 2023, the protocol through its Twitter page announced an attack on its Discord server. Then, InsurAce said its team noticed unauthorized access to its server. In an effort to curtail the damages of the attack, the project indicated that communications from admins on Discord are not from the official team. 

Meanwhile, in today’s statement, the protocol did a brief recap of how the attack transpired. InsurAce divulged that the hackers deployed a “sophisticated phishing scam.” Additionally, the platform disclosed that the hackers stole some of its session tokens through a link. This link according to the project contained malicious JavaScript. 

Accordingly, the breach provided them with technical support to impersonate InsurAce’s main account. The project added that the bad actors leverage the breach to publicize a malicious airdrop. InsurAce stated that the activities of the hackers on its official account led to its ban which lasted about 24 hours. The project went on to reveal how the hackers banned anyone who flagged the account as a scam.

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