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Alchemy pay, Binance pay, Instpower, collaborate to facilitate crypto payment for Burger King in Paris


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Prominent payment gateway, Alchemy Pay has announced a new development regarding it collaboration with Binance Pay and Instpower. The latest development will see Burger King, a global fast-food chain install Instpower power bank rental machines that facilitate crypto payment. As revealed, these power bank machines are powered by Alchemy Pay and Binance Pay.

With Burger King being the latest beneficiary of this collaboration, the restaurant will now accept payment in cryptocurrency. Also, this development implies a progressive move for the fast-food firm as customers will enjoy new means of making payment with cryptocurrency. Likewise, it is a good development for the crypto space as virtual tokens can be used as a medium of payment for real-world goods and services.

In the announcement, Alchemy Pay highlighted how the collaboration has aided users to make crypto payments through these power bank devices across more than 14,000 locations globally. For Binance Pay, the development will onboard more users to the platform as it’ll benefit from Burger King’s vast customer base.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Flash Development, Yann Phu has reacted to the innovation. Worth mentioning that Flash Development is in charge of distributing Instpower machines across Europe. In their contribution, Phu said the collaboration with Alchemy Pay and Binance Pay will help provide cutting-edge payment options to Europeans. The CEO expressed confidence in the efficiency of the collaboration in boosting the adoption of Instpower power banks.

Additionally, the latest collaboration surfaced shortly after the gateway payment firm obtained regulatory approval in Indonesia. The effort saw the addition of Indonesia to the over 173 countries benefitting from the payment system of the platform.

Other notable collaborations involving Alchemy Pay

In the past, Alchemy Pay has collaborated with top firms across the global to advance crypto payment services. According to a Binbits report on February 20, 2023, Alchemy Pay partnered with Google Pay to enhance the seamless processing of crypto on-ramp services.

Consequently, Alchemy Pay began supporting Google Pay due to the collaboration. Therefore, aiding users to make secure payments through fiat for their desired crypto asset. More so, the partnership birthed the acceptance of USD deposits by non-US users of the payment gateway platform.

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