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Binance collaborates CityPay to aid crypto payment in Georgia


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As part of the drastic measures towards ensuring mainstream adoption of crypto payment in Georgia, Binance Pay has collaborated CityPay, a crypto payment gateway platform. Binance announced the development in its Tuesday Twitter post. According to the announcement, the collaboration will enable users within the region to make payments with crypto at Wendy’s, an American fast food international fast food chain.

Further, Binance said it will also allow these users to purchase goods at more than 600 other vendors, including hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets. Remarkably, the exchange sees this feat as a step forward in its efforts to foster global adoption and popularity of cryptocurrencies. Over time, it has through its crypto payment platform engaged in numerous collaborations to actualize this ambition.

Binance seeking global adoption of cryptocurrencies with recent partnerships

Recall that on Friday, Binance Pay partnered Pundi X. Through the collaboration, it is expected that the Pundi X’s Point-Of-Sale solution; XPOS will harness the efficiency in the Binance Pay platform to foster the acceptance of digital assets with XPOS devices. This thus enables merchants using the devices to experience easy crypto transactions. More so, the merchants will also rely on Binance Pay to safeguard their assets from the rising exploitation in the industry. Worthy of note that the Binance payment platform possesses robust security features, including multi-signature support and key management.

Earlier, it also partnered Ingenico, a global provider of payment acceptance solutions. The partnership ensued so as to develop an in-store crypto payment solution in France. Notably, both firms have deployed the first pilots of the solution to France. Through the in-store solutions, consumers will now be able to make crypto payments at physical points of sale. Also, it allows merchants to get crypto payment with ease using the terminals of Ingenico. According to findings, the payment solution is designed to accept at least 50 cryptocurrencies. Thus, this places both firms at the forefront of the efforts towards mainstream adoption and popularity of cryptocurrencies.

Meanwhile, In Georgia, Binance wants to expand its global presence. In early February, it signed a spectacular agreement with the authorities to strengthen the region’s crypto industry. Worthy of note that the exchange aims to execute large-scale educational and community initiatives in Georgia. Through its Charity and Academy affiliates, it plans to also carry out numerous educational and charity initiatives in the region.

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