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Binance Labs launches private investment in GoPlus


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Binance exchange blockchain firm, Binance Labs has spearheaded a private funding investment for GoPlus, a security infrastructure firm. The exchange confirmed the development in a blog post on Thursday. As announced, the funding investment is geared towards building a user-oriented security solution for users.

Notably, GoPlus operates as a Web3 security infrastructure firm. Reportedly, it offers open, permissionless, and user-oriented services. More so, the security firm usually explores major blockchain networks with multidimensional risk detection mechanisms to build a safer Web3 environment.

GoPlus to enhance its security solutions with funds generated from Binance Labs

According to GoPlus Security, it intends to invest funds generated from Binance Labs in its security technologies and solutions. It plans to improve its technologies and further create a robust security services marketplace. In addition, it strives to draw in top talent to build a more secure, and user-friendly Web3 environment.

Binance Labs says GoPlus has, over time, developed real-time, dynamic, and automated security detection platform. Notably, this covers token, NFT, malicious address, approval security, contract security, and dApp security. Currently, GoPlus manifest as the most significant security data provider for 13 chains. It curates over 2 million data calls everyday. Also, the security firm intends to launch its security service marketplace at the end of 2022.

Binance labs committed to fostering security of end-users- Co-founder

Binance Co-Founder and head of Binance Labs, Yi He reacted to the development. According to him, security is foundational to the ever-growing Web3 ecosystem and community. He further expressed optimism that security service for end-users can flourish and prosper over time.

In addition, investment director at Binance Labs Nicola Wang also reacted to the development. Wang emphasized the importance of a better better security infrastructure in the development of the evolving web3 space. Wang further that it is exciting to see professional team like GoPlus Security work towards that ambition.

GoPlus Security Co-Founder, Eskil also reacted to the development. According to him, the web3 security firm prioritizes three main objectives to proceed with the next stage of development. He listed these objectives as further expansion of the coverage of GoPlus AP, and building the security service platform and security service marketplace. It also includes building a decentralized security infrastructure. Eskil further revealed that GoPlus security team will bring 20 different types of security services and solutions on board. In addition, he noted that his firm is delighted to sojourn with Binance Labs in the journey to secure the web3 space.

Over time, Binance Labs has been consistent in investing in numerous projects. Recently, it invested in NGRAVE, a hardware wallet maker. According to Binance, the main aim of the investment is to boost crypto self-custody.

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