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Beepo App integrates Concordium’s CCD as means payment


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According to a blog post today, Beepo, a decentralized social media network has announced the integration of Concordium native token, CCD as a means of payment. As revealed, the integration aligns with the core values of the two organizations involved.

Now, the integration will aid users of Beepo to pay for charges on the platform with CCD. The collaboration will birth more ID-based features subsequently. The Beepo app offers users a Dapp browser, tools for independent contractors, and features for content creators.

Furthermore, as a blockchain-oriented platform, Beepo is powered by E2EE and an AI/ML algorithm. The platform focuses on privacy and security, as it protects users’ data through end-to-end encryption technology. With that, the platform is able to provide a secure atmosphere for users to converse.

The platform has been pivotal towards the onboarding of users into the web3 sphere. Notably, Beepo facilitates trading of virtual and digital items among users. In that regard, the CCD token will serve as a means of settling trade balances among users.

Likewise, Beepo will be launching a private Beta test phase on December 20th, 2022. Thereafter, the Beepo App will be publicly available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android.

Reactions of top executives to the collaboration between Beepo and Concordium

Meanwhile, the blog post establishes that the two firms, Beepo and Concordium share the same value and principles. This is about the emphasis both platforms share on how social media should handle users’ data.

Reflecting on this position is Michael Jimoh, the CEO and founder of Beepo. In his words, Jimoh said the integration of Concordium aligns with the guiding principles of Beepo’s ecosystem. The CEO illuminated how the two platforms prioritize privacy, security, decentralization, simplicity, swiftness and low-cost transactions.

Further, the CEO added that “the Concordium blockchain would be available for use and transaction execution by members of our ecosystem, and the Beepo App would leverage DID Technology to establish trustworthiness amongst users.”

Also, the CEO of Concordium Lone Fønss Schrøder, reacted as well. The CEO expressed his delightness with the collaboration. Schrøder said, “With the current focus on anonymity and identity theft on Social Media, we are pleased to be working with an innovative network prioritizing the security and privacy of its users.” “We look forward to seeing the CCD used for safe transactions on Beepo App,” he concluded.

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