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Animoca Brands subsidiary, nWay launches game to celebrate 2024 Olympics


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nWay, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands based in San Francisco has announced the upcoming launching of its hybrid casual sports and simulation game, Olympics™ Go! Paris 2024. As revealed, the game comes in celebration of the 2024 Olympic Games that is scheduled to be held in Paris, France by July 2024. 

In the announcement, the nWay revealed that the game will launch globally in June, and it will become available for Android and iOS devices. More so, the publisher and game developer disclosed that the Olympics™ Go! Paris 2024 is published under license from the International Olympic Committee.

Furthermore, the game has a gameplay that merges city-building with the Olympic Games Paris 2024 sports events. Olympics™ Go! Paris 2024 will feature 12 Olympic sports. The game, according to nWay, will allow players to unlock each sport by constructing and managing their personalized virtual cities. As disclosed, some of these games are swimming, gymnastics, 100-meter dash, and fencing. 

By building their virtual city, players will have the resources to train their athletes and make them compete well in the games. Upon their success in the sporting events, players will receive in-game fan points. Consequently, players can use these points to complete the building of their training facilities and develop buildings in their city. 

Meanwhile, nWay will initiate the soft launch for Olympics™ Go! Paris 2024 this month. Hence, players can pre-register for the game through the app store or website. As announced, participating in the pre-registration will earn exclusive in-game digital items. 

Insights into nWay release of Olympics™ Go! Paris 2024

The co-CEO of nWay, Kristen Salvatore provided insights into the unveiling of the game. In his submission, Salvatore stated that nWay in conjunction with the IOC developed Olympics™ Go! Paris 2024 to capture the spirit of the Olympics. Similarly, Deputy Managing Director of the IOC Department, Elisabeth Allaman, said “Olympics™ Go! Paris 2024 encapsulates the Olympic spirit and global appeal of the Olympic Games Paris 2024.”

Additionally, the Deputy Managing Director submitted that the integration of iconic Olympic sports and innovative elements like breaking reflects the commitment of the event to promote diversity and modernity. 

It is worth mentioning that nWay as a subsidiary of Animoca Brands specializes in designing exciting cross-platform games. With the subsidiary, Animoca Brands has been able to establish itself as a force to reckon with in the gaming sector. 

The launching of the Olympics™ Go! Paris 2024 comes shortly after Animoca Brands signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Haskey Exchange. According to a Binbits report, the partnership will focus on merging blockchain innovation with emerging initiatives in the entertainment sector. 

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