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Animoca Brands, Haskey partners to foster integration of blockchain into digital entertainment sector


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Popular web3 company, Animoca Brands has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with HashKey Exchange for a strategic collaboration. The firm made the announcement on Tuesday through an official blog post. As indicated, the collaboration will focus on integrating blockchain innovations into the entertainment sector. 

More so, the two partners will also follow closely emerging trends in the digital entertainment economy. Therefore, Animoca Brands and HashKey will use innovative technologies like smart contracts and zero-knowledge proofs. With these innovations, the partners are confident that they can achieve the successful integration of blockchain technology in the virtual entertainment sector.

As a result of the partnership, HashKey Exchange and Animoca Brands will work together to establish cooperative opportunities and strategic developments on virtual assets. Also, the collaboration will focus on offering public education activities relating to web3. However, HashKey Exchange is positioned to enjoy good publicity from the collaboration. 

A part of the collaborative effort will focus on drawing public attention to HashKey as the exchange will list some virtual assets. Similarly, Animoca Brands will set up an account on the exchange “emphasizing a mutual commitment to compliant virtual asset trading.” 

Meanwhile, in the announcement, Animoca Brands described HashKay as a licensed virtual asset exchange in Hong Kong. Further, according to the web3 firm, the crypto exchange is focused on setting good standards for compliance, safety, and security. 

Reactions to the Collaboration Between Animoca Brands and HashKey 

The COO of HashKey Group COO and HashKey Exchange CEO, Livio Weng reacted to the collaboration. In his words, Livio Weng said the exchange is happy to collaborate with Animoca Brands. The Executive added that the partnership is a testament to the exchange’s commitment to providing diverse and innovative offerings to its users. 

Additionally, Livio Weng explained how the partnership will focus on the digital entertainment industry. He indicated that the goal of this partnership is to “stimulate the growth and innovation of the digital entertainment industry.” Likewise, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, Yat Sui also spoke about the strategic partnership. 

The popular web3 advocate said the collaboration with the exchange is in line with the company’s focus to make blockchain technology and true digital ownership more accessible to a global audience. Consequently, he added that Animoca Brands will be looking forward to contributing to the exchange’s vibrant community. Lastly, Yat Sui indicated that the web3 firm will provide engaging educational content through HashKey Academy.”

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