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Carbon, DWF Labs to drive web3 accessibility with strategic partnership


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Popular web3 browser, Carbon has signed a strategic partnership with DWF Labs to open up more opportunities in the decentralized web landscape. According to a post on its official X (formerly Twitter) page on Tuesday, Carbon confirmed that with the partnership, DWF labs has emerged as its first major institutional partner and market maker. 

As part of the collaboration, DWF labs will offer help to its new partner in boosting the adoption of the web3 browser by institutional users. Also, the digital assets market marker will acquire the native token of Carbon; $CSIX to provide a financial boost for the project in actualizing its goal. As revealed, the investment in the $CSIX is likely to hit around 7 figures. 

Furthermore, DWF Labs will be one of the leading liquidity providers on exchanges to enhance the liquidity of $CSIX. Also, the market maker will help in boosting the demand for the token for interested parties that are willing to explore it. With that, the partners are confident that the collaboration will place Carbon on the cause of actualizing its trillion-dollar privacy market. 

It is worth mentioning that the price of $CSIX has soared in reaction to the collaboration. According to market data provided by Coinmarketcap, the token is presently trading at $0.08142 despite starting the day at $0.0780. 

Before the announcement of the collaboration, the token had endured a free fall that saw it slip by a significant portion. However, the strategic partnership seems to have triggered a positive price movement for the token.

Side Note on Carbon and DWF Labs

Carbon is a private web3 browser that promises an immense speed of losing web pages 3x faster than regular browsers. The web3 browser with the support of the blockchain is designed to provide a smooth browsing experience for users even with a weak connection. To an extent, the browser has managed to attract users with its claims of helping them save 95% of their data. 

Following the collaboration with DWF Labs, Carbon is tipped to gain more visibility. On the flip side, DWF Labs has made a name for itself as one of the leading digital asset market makers and multi-stage web investment firms. 

In the past, we’ve witnessed how DWF Labs has offered support to several portfolio companies. According to various reports by Binbits, DWF in the past has collaborated with top companies like Crust Network, Conflux, Algorand Foundation, ARPA, Top Goal, and many others on different initiatives. 

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