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Alchemy Pay collaborates Celo to aid users access to $CELO


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Leading cryptocurrency payment service provider, Alchemy Pay has partnered with Celo blockchain, a layer -1 protocol. The payment service provider announced the details of the partnership in a Tuesday blog post on Tuesday. According to the announcement, the collaboration will facilitate the integration of CELO and USD into Alchemy Pay on-ramp solution.

It is worth mentioning that the integration will make it easy for users to engage the CELO and cUSD assets for their daily use in a compliant manner. Additionally, the integration of the assets on the Alchemy Pay platform will allow users to access the Celo blockchain ecosystem. It would also allow them to explore DeFi applications on the Celo blockchain.

Meanwhile, Natalie Alfers, head of strategic partnership at Celo Foundation made some remarks about the partnership. According to Alfers, Alchemy Pay user friendly features such as its easy-to-access on-ramp solution will enable wider adoption of blockchain technology. Also, the exec noted that the Celo blockchain’s integration with the payment service provider will provide greater access to digital assets for users around the globe.

Similarly, Robert McCracken, Alchemy Pay Ecosystem lead also commented on the partnership. He expressed the commitment of the payment service provider in providing its users with efficient, safe and secure payment solution. McCracken added that this partnership is a testimony of the firm’s commitment to bringing decentralized finance closer to the people through a seamless fiat-to-crypto conversions.

Alchemy Pay seeking to expand the base of its on and off ramp solution

Overtime, Alchemy has shown remarkable commitment to expanding its offering by engaging in partnership with numerous crypto firms. Recently, it partnered with Shido, a popular full-stack crypto wallet. Worthy of note that the collaboration came into limelight to enable the deployment of its on and off-ramp solution on Shido.

Furthermore, the partnership was also geared towards fostering accessibility to Shido wallet to both new and professional users. It is worthy of note that the Alchemy pay on and off ramp solution manifested with the sole purpose of allowing users purchase crypto and make payment with their desired payment method. As such, users are now able to purchase crypto product and make payments seamlessly using fiat.

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