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Halo wallet partners Conflux to solve scalability issues


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On Friday, popular social crypto wallet, Halo wallet collaborated with Conflux, a permissionless Layer 1 blockchain protocol. The wallet provider announced the details of the partnership in its blog post. As announced, the partnership between the duo is geared towards addressing scalability-related issues.

Certainly, both Halo wallet and Conflux aims to leverage the partnership to address issues pertaining to security and decentralization faced by the fast growing world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Web3 applications. It is noteworthy that Halo wallet is notable for its safe and easy to use web3 wallet. As such, it brings tokens, NFTs and dApps together in one seamless, high-performance experience. Additionally, the wallet provider has also expanded its base to the SocialFi ecosystem. Through this expansion, it seeks to avail users with the opportunity to break through the media noise and identify high-quality investment targets.

Conflux, on the other hand aims to consistently focus on providing high-performance, permissionless platform. According to our findings, it seeks to build a platform that allow developers to build and deploy decentralized application (dApps) with ease. Additionally, the blockchain protocol is also working towards providing a seamless user experience for the global community. Conflux wants to foster innovation and collaboration and sees its collaboration with Halo wallet as one of those ways to achieving the aim.

Halo wallet users to access all Conflux native assets easily

Occasioned by the partnership, users of Halo Wallet can now access all Conflux native assets easily. Also, users can send, receive and store CFX and CRC-20 tokens in their wallet directly. Now, Halo wallet has completed the full integration of the Conflux ecosystem on its mobile and PC networks. Going forward, this integration will also provide users with the opportunity to explore the promising dApps developed on the blockchain and track real-time assets in a unanimous manner from all devices.

Meanwhile, Halo Wallet CEO, Jeff Haul made some comments about the partnership. He said the collaboration is geared towards providing all its users with easy access to the full prospects of web3. According to him, the wallet wants to leverage the partnership to introduce DeFi to more elements of lives. He also commended Conflux for its commitment in the industry. According to Haul, Conflux is notable for empowering developers by providing a scalable, secure and user-friendly platform. The Halo wallet CEO further that users can also unlock the full potential of blockchain technology through the platform.

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