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Xion Global partners MetaMask to foster web3 payments in South Africa


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A web3 payment provider, Xion Global has collaborated with Metamask, a leading self-custody wallet provider. In a Thursday blog post, Xion Global confirmed the collaboration. According to the announcement, the effort is geared toward reshaping the world of decentralized payments in South Africa.

By integrating Metamask, Xion Global wants to ensure that South African customers can access web3 payments with ease. This means they will be able to connect their Metamask wallets to execute one-off token approvals so that they can make web3 payments in any of the client apps that belong to Xion.

In the same vein, Xion Global has also integrated “Scan to Pay,” powered by Ukheshe. This protocol is renowned as the biggest QR ecosystem in South Africa as it features over 700,000 vendors, 90 payment service providers, and several banks and fintech firms. By integrating this solution, consumers can make purchases or order online and make payments by scanning the QR code and linking their MetaMask wallet to make payments.

Worth noting that the one-click payment solution of Xion Global is powered by its Cross-Chain Payments Protocol. Meanwhile, this mechanism helps to streamline transactions across various blockchain ecosystems. It also features AML/KYT checks to stop the use of illegal or stolen funds in the ecosystem.

Outside that, Xion also looks to introduce a good collection of incentives for MetaMask users in the country. Some of the generous packages include loyalty rewards and cashback.

Xion Global seeking to simplify all web3 payments

According to the co-founder and COO of Xion Global, Aeryn Quarmby, the payment service provider aims to simplify all web3 payments. Quarmby believes the firm’s collaboration with MetaMask will play a huge role in achieving that, ensuring that people can make payments with one-click.

Meanwhile, the market lead for Metamask developers at Consensys, Liz Mathew said the robust capabilities of MetaMask SDK and developer APIs made it possible for Xion Global to integrate the wallet provider easily. Mathew describes the Metamask Provider API as a technique that allows a smooth connection and interaction with the wallet.

There’s no doubt that MetaMask remains a global self-custody wallet, boasting over 30 million users worldwide. Apart from serving as a wallet provider for web3 payments, it also acts as a bridge to the decentralized world. As the primary wallet provider on Xion Global, MetaMask empowers the former to provide a friendly web3 payment solution. Hence, consumers can alwags find it easy to make crypto payments.

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