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Animoca Brands, San FranTokyo, Cool Cats collaborate to enhance web3 development in Japan


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Today, the Japanese organ of Animoca Brands announced a strategic investment and partnership with San FranTokyo and Cool Cats. The prominent web3 firm made the announcement today via an official blog post. As revealed, Animoca Brands Japan will aid the amplification of Cool Cats IP in the country and other anime markets. 

More so, both Animoca Brands Japan and San FranTokyo will avail financial support for the advancement of Cool Cats IP. In the announcement, the web3 firm highlighted how the growing global recognition and potential of Cool Cats birthed the partnership. 

Meanwhile, part of the strategic partnership saw Animoca Brands Japan acquire equity shares of Cool Cats Group LLC. Also, as part of its contribution to the partnership, SanFranTokyo purchased NFTs from all Cool Cats collections in the secondary market. Accordingly, the three partners are working to bring a new level of collaboration in the Web3 space. 

How the Collaboration will benefit Animoca Brands Japan, San FranTokyo, and Cool Cats

As announced, the collaboration is set to come with strategic initiatives that are aimed at boosting the reputation of Cool Cats IP in Japan. Foremost, the trio intends to launch the Cool Cats Manga which will see them venture deep into the heart of Japanese culture. Animoca Brands in the announcement stated that the initiative will be written and illustrated by a Japanese manga artist. 

Likewise, the web3 firm and San FranTokyo will intensify efforts on growing Cool Cats IP into a major brand via numerous channels in Japan. Similarly, there are plans to help establish a new relationship for Cool Cats and some top organizations in the entertainment and IP sector of Japan. 

The partners will as well seek “traditional merchandising and licensing opportunities to collaborations” with licensed IPs to design Vtuber content with Cool Cats IP. In addition, the partnership will oversee the integration of the Cool Cats IP narrative into the city of San FranTokyo. 

Reactions to the Collaboration 

It is worth mentioning that the CEO of Animoca Brands Japan, Daisuke Iwase weighed his opinion on the strategic partnership. The CEO established that the collaboration is more than just business growth. He went on to submit that it is about cultural exchange, understanding, and tapping into the essence of what makes Japan’s digital more appealing in the global market. 

Furthermore, the founder of Cool Cats, Clon shared a similar opinion to Iwase’s. Clon explained that the collaboration will establish new ways for Cool Cats to engage with and inspire new audiences within and outside Japan. Clon added that Cool Cats is open to new fans from around the world because the project prioritizes community. 

Lastly, co-founder of San FranTokyo, David Taing referred to the collaboration as a visionary effort. The co-founder explained that with the support of Animoca Brands, Cool Cats will “continue to work tirelessly to advance Web3.”

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