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Umetaworld launches NFT collection of room in its virtual world


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A virtual world of Augmented cities and places, Umetaworld has unveiled its NFT collection of rooms in its virtual replica of the real world. The platform provides a secure connection between Web 3.0 users, physical and virtual experience. This bridge aids users to design their assets, monetising them via NFTs. 

Further, UmetaWorld intends to avail virtual ownership to all users through the NFT collection. This move is aimed at aiding the designing of next-generation experimental opportunities. Worthy of note that UmetaWorld aims to be an integral part of the growing digital ecosystem. It aims to provide an entry for virtual assets investors against the risk that comes with the sector. With that, the firm is working to gain more attention in an industry as Meta has dominated the Metaverse sector.

The CEO of Umetaworld, Danielle Marinelli expressed the excitement of the firm to launch this free NFT mint. 

“We are continuing our mission to facilitate services where users can seamlessly socialize, interact, and make transactions. By launching this NFT mint users get to be both creators and owners in this digital landscape where reality becomes virtual and Metaverse is reality,” Marinelli added.

UmetaWorld working to expose users to endless opportunities enveloped in the Metaverse

The platform, UmetaWorld runs specifically to expose users into the endless opportunities of Metaverse. The firm integrates physical and digital worlds to showcase the potential of the Metaverse. Therefore, empowering people and communities with an enablement to explore opportunities and services that are not available to them in the physical world.

As a renowned virtual replica of the real world based on interactive AR experiences, Umetaworld aims to link its users with people across the globe, allowing them to interact with one another with the microphone enveloped in their smart phones.  More so, with the project, users are able to discover new locations. For instance, users can easily dabble into the metaverse space just by downloading Umetaworld app. Afterward, users snap a selfie, which automatically generates an avatar. 

Remarkably, the avatar, being a virtual version of users, replicates the head movements of users. Also, it performs some other functions, including dancing, blowing a kiss, and greeting others. Worth noting, users can always customize the outfits of their avatars. They can buy new digital clothing and accessories in-app for their avatars.

Umetaworld providing robust virtual experiences with cross-chain technology and AR

Amidst physical and environmental limitations ravaging the world, Umetaworld provides an enabling platform for its users to escape the implications of those limitations,  and   flourish in the virtual space. Notably, it employs cross-chain technology and AR to avail its users with remarkable virtual experiences. Also, Umetaworld usually deploys implicit information, including geo-positioning and 3D modeling, to initiate a social Metaverse.

The platform manifested based on an innovative and expository Artificial Intelligence that provides a new all-digital world dedicated to shopping and interactions among avatars and events. Among its numerous attributes, the virtual reality features of Umetaworld aid users to learn about beautiful cities of the world, and the opportunity to visit them virtually with friends or their avatars. Through the platform, Users easily turn their live pictures into Avatars. This notable feature provides space where reality becomes virtual and Metaverse is reality.

Olaleye Komolafe
Olaleye Komolafe
Olaleye is a professional reporter with vast experience in web3, cryptocurrencies, and NFT journalism. He enjoys writing about the evolving metaverse sphere and the prevalence in the crypto sphere. Notably, some of his contents have been published in numerous international publications. Away from the crypto world, Olaleye is a political scientist and a lover of football

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