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U.S Prosecutors seize $34m Crypto assets


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As a result of operation TORnado, U.S federal prosecutors have seized over $34m in cryptocurrency assets from an individual who engages in illicit activities. According to the official statement from the Ministry of Justice, the fellow allegedly sold stolen documents on the dark web.

Additionally, the statement revealed that the fellow-who lives in South Florida acquired over $30m through fraudulent means. He sold documents relating to Netflix, Uber, and other stolen entities.

However, the U.S prosecutors seized the assets regarding a civil privation alarm. The individual manipulated privacy diffusion to cloud money transfers in other to dodge sanctions from U.S prosecutors. During the investigation, U.S prosecutors unravel many Cryptocurrency wallets that manifested while carrying out the illegal activity.

Also, the privacy diffusion mechanism is popular in the Hydra market, it’s popularly identified as “Tumbler”. The Hydra market is a Russian Dark-web trading platform that has aided numerous illegal transactions such as drugs, money laundering.

Furthermore, additional information revealed that the individual has millions of Crypto assets as returns for his illegal engagements. He manipulated accounts, information, and illegal items on the Dark web to acquire the cryptocurrency assets.

More so, reports by the U.S ministry of Justice reveal that the fellow utilized the Onion Router to carry out his illegal activities. The Onion Router is a distinguish collection of computers that hides the identity of a user. The culprit bowed to the might of the law as a result of the collaboration among central agents, and other enforcement authorities. The collaboration aims to spot and neutralize every drug and money laundering activities.

Role of U.S Prosecutors towards Cryptocurrency Regulation

In addition, the seizure of those crypto assets by U.S public prosecutors sets the record for the largest usurpation ever. It is the biggest in the history of the United States of America and the Crypto industry at large.

The foregoing emphasizes the role of governmental agencies, including U.S prosecutors in finding a suitable approach to crypto regulation. Nevertheless, the United States government is working tirelessly to to propound a good regulatory framework.

Therefore, this effort can only be complimented if the U.S public prosecutors and other law agencies work together.

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David Idowu
David Idowu
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