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Top Ten Platforms to find Crypto Airdrops


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In today’s contemporary crypto industry, there are numerous opportunities for users to earn passively. One of those ways is crypto airdrops. It is not in doubt that users can leverage on this opportunity to amass crypto assets without any cost. Certainly, these airdrops are usually offered by projects seeking to hype or promote their offerings. As of the time of writing, more than hundred platforms are notable for offering crypto airdrops to their audience and community members. Although, the delicate situation of the industry requires everyone, particularly beginners must be careful on the kinds of airdrops they participate in.

This is because there are scores of fraudulent projects today offering fake airdrops to unsuspecting users. In most cases, they usually convince users to release their wallet security information, thereby gaining unauthorized assets to their funds. However, this article aims to examine at least seven legitimate crypto airdrop platforms that users can leverage to earn passively. But, before highlighting them, it is important to first do a background on crypto airdrops.

What are Crypto Airdrops?

Crypto airdrops have to do with the distribution of crypto assets to users for free. The trend has become a new strategy, particularly among new projects willing to create massive awareness. This was necessitated by the growing competitive atmosphere in the industry. So, projects seeking to gain a competitive advantage and increase their adoption rate engage in crypto airdrops. In most cases, potential beneficiaries of crypto airdrops are usually tasked to join the promotion of that particular project, either by retweeting some posts or by liking those posts. But, the fact remains that airdrops require no capital investment from their beneficiaries.

Types of Crypto Airdrops

It is worth mentioning that there are different kinds of crypto airdrops. They include standard airdrop, bounty airdrop, exclusive airdrop, raffle airdrop, and many more. As for standard airdrops, there is usually a predetermined amount of tokens to share. Bounty airdrops, on its own, deal with tasks. Potential beneficiaries are made to perform the task of promoting a project either by retweeting posts about it or liking the posts. Meanwhile, in exclusive airdrops, potential beneficiaries are selected based on several factors.

List of top Platforms to find Crypto Airdrops

Certainly, there are numerous platforms offering crypto airdrops. But, only a few of them are reliable and legitimate. In a bid to prevent beginners from falling victim to fake airdrops, this article will highlight at least seven of the platforms that users can rely on to find real airdrops.

Airdrop Alert

Airdrop Alert has established itself as one of the leading crypto airdrop platforms. Findings show that the platform came into the limelight in 2017. It is designed as an aggregator site to provide reliable and trustworthy information about crypto airdrops, thus helping users to distinguish original projects from fraudulent ones. On the platform, users can find detailed information about imminent and present crypto airdrops.

Additionally, this site provides necessary information about the crypto project offering the airdrop. Also, users can find the criteria for participating in the airdrop, start and end dates on Airdrop Alert. This thus means every individual willing to earn passively with crypto airdrops may consider subscribing to this platform. It has a simple and easy-to-understand user interface, thus making it easy for beginners to find whatever information they seek about airdrops. Apart from providing information, the platform also offers airdrops to its loyal users.

It is noteworthy that Airdrop Alert is not just limited to crypto airdrops. The platform provides users with information capable of aiding users’ understanding about cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Primarily, its developer aims to foster mainstream adoption of crypto and NFTs across the globe.


CoinmarketCap is certainly another reliable site for users willing to leverage crypto airdrops. It was founded in 2013 by Brandon Chez. Ever since, CoinMarketCap has grown to become one of the leading crypto platforms around. The platform is notable for providing updates about imminent and ongoing airdrops by crypto and NFT projects. As a user looking to get reliable information about how to participate in ongoing airdrops, CoinmarketCap is one of the platforms to subscribe to.

Beyond providing information about projects offering airdrops, CoinmarketCap also carries out airdrops. In most cases, it does this in partnership with other notable projects. Just recently, the platform collaborated with BOT to host an airdrop. According to the announcement by CoinmarketCap, the airdrop features 3,125,000 BOT for grabs. Then, only 200 winners were selected from the list of thousands of users that participated.

Generally, CoinmarketCap provides insightful contents about happenings in the crypto market, including live price performances of tokens, activities of crypto exchanges and many more. By doing so, the platform is able to keep its users informed as events unfold in the industry. More so, users usually rely on the data provided by CoinmarketCap to guide their financial decisions.


CoinmarketCal also ranks well in the list of sites for crypto airdrops. The platform was designed as a crypto calendar resource for its users. It employs a community-oriented mechanism to ensure gathering and verification of data in the industry. This thus means every information or data added by members of its community are usually made to pass verification or validity tests. Occasioned by this development, the platform is able to avail its users with accurate, detailed and reliable information.

Apart from information about upcoming airdrops, users find information about token listings, hard forks, project upgrades and many more on the platform. Users can leverage the crypto calendar to set or schedule a reminder about an imminent crypto airdrop. By virtue of this, they receive alerts on the scheduled date. Certainly, CoinmarketCal is easy-to-use owing to its simple layout.

Since its launch in 2017, the crypto calendar website has been able to log more than 12,000 events. It boasts of about 1 million votes and features more than 2,500 crypto assets. CoinmarketCal has also been able to provide users with numerous updates on crypto airdrops. All these indicate the growing influence of the platform in the crypto industry.


AirdDropBob is an outlet specifically designed for listing cryptocurrency airdrops. The platform is quite famous for its user’s friendly interface, which is easy for seamless navigation. Since its inauguration in 2018, AirDropBob has listed scores of cryptocurrency airdrops.

Worth mentioning that the platform is free as it doesnt require any form of subcription for users. Another notable feature of AirDropBob is its search feature. The outlet has a section where users can search for active or upcoming airdrops on certain ecosystems. For instance, users can search for active or upcoming airdrops on the Polygon blockchain. 

Also, in a bid to ensure transparency and safety of users, the platform incorporated a verification tag feature. With this, AirdropBob verifies airdrops to ensure their authenticity. Verified airdrops get a verification tick, while unverified ones don’t get. Consequently, users will be able to tell which project can be trusted before joining their airdrop scheme.

More so, the platform has a calendar feature that aids users to keep in touch with the progress of an airdrop. In that regard, users are bound to get direct alerts about a project they’ve marked out on the calendar. This feature also includes bounty programs. Complementing these attributes, AirDropBob has a segment where users can access frequently asked questions.

These features contributed to the highly rated profile of AirDropBob which has placed it among the top 7 platforms to find Airdrop. However, despite having enticing features, the platform has some negative reviews that have affected its reputation. 


AirdropsMob is one of the longest-serving crypto airdrop monitoring outlets. The outlet arranges airdrops based on their conditions, values, ratings, and platforms. AirdropsMob refreshes its listed projects and it allows users to curate them manually. Also, the categorization system of projects on the platform comes with a participation difficulty rating. AirdropsMob provides insights for users regarding the difficulty level of every project listed on it. 

Similarly, Airdrops listed on the platform are tagged with the review of the ICO rating platform. The review is like educational material that guides users regarding their engagement with the listed projects. AirdropsMob stands out among its peers due to its emphasis on community efforts. The platform relies on community members to at times, provide details about a listed airdrop.

However, a notable feature that placed AirdropsMob on the list of the top 7 platforms to find crypto airdrops is its effort on users’ education. The platform has a segment where users can explore a variety of information that will provide them with sufficient knowledge about airdrops. Aiding them to determine which project is real and devoid of illicit intentions. 


Basically, Earni.Fi can be regarded as a search engine for hunting airdrops. The platform works in a way that allows user to enter their public wallet address on a search tab. Thereafter, the platform will list out unclaimed airdrops such user has missed. More so, the search will as well list out future airdrops that are upcoming.

However, the Earni.Fi focuses on Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible chains, upon the success of a search, the platform alerts users via emails. Due to its EVM compatibility, the outlet also supports projects on the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, ImmutableX, Avalanche, and XDai. 

Created in 2021 by DeFi Dawson the platform took a new dimension in 2022 when it was acquired by Bankless, a prominent crypto podcast. Due to the acquisition, efforts surfaced to merge the perks offered by EarniFi and Bankless users. Notably, the platform services come in two dimensions via its Premium and Basic Free Plan. 

The Premium plan charges users about $21 monthly where users can pay with ETH or their debit cards. EarniFi offers a discount for subscribers of its Premium plan if they opt for the yearly subscription. Additionally, the Premium plan comes with notable incentives like Premium & Basic Airdrops, Monitoring up to 10 Crypto Addresses, Email Alerts for Premium & Basic Airdrops, Upcoming Airdrop Recommendations, and Auto-Claim New POAPs. 

More so, the Basic Free Plan of Earni.Fi aids users to claim basic airdrops and Proof of Attendance Protocol. Though this plan has its own shortcoming which makes the Premium plan the best pathway to claiming airdrops. At times, users may not be able to access an airdrop until they subscribe to the Premium plan.


Airdrops.io is a crypto-airdrop monitoring platform that offers some of the latest airdrop programs. Worth mentioning that the platform provides a guide for users on how to claim an airdrop while stating the conditions attached to them. Meanwhile, those following Airdrops.io on their respective social media handles tend to enjoy exclusive access to the services of the platform. 

Notably, the platform is swift in listing crypto airdrop campaigns as it lists them almost instantly after they are announced. Lastly, airdrops.io filters these airdrop campaigns based on the virtual assets a user holds. The platform has a good layout, making it one of the most friendly airdrop monitoring sites to surf even without background knowledge of the crypto space. 


The crypto space has witnessed the introduction of various crypto projects with many providing Airdrops to attract investors. However, some of these projects were initiated by individuals with dubious intentions. The lucrative nature of the crypto market attracted these individuals.

Most of the dubious crypto projects bank on the anxiety of investors to jump on early start-ups and earn free tokens. To a reasonable extent, hunting airdrops can be one of the best ways of earning from the crypto space. Meanwhile, scammers are posing to be a major threat to this opportunity, thus birthing the need for a reliable crypto airdrop aggregator. 

The listed platforms were selected due to their innovative ways of aiding users to find Airdrops via a convenient yet secure means. These platforms are trustworthy in protecting users against airdrop scams. They’ve incorporated various mechanisms for detecting dubious crypto airdrops. Finding a way to this list implies that these platforms are doing well to protect investors. Nevertheless, investors must be careful to verify projects themselves and remain vigilant at all times. 

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