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What is Layer 3 and why is it critical to the future of blockchain?


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Prior to the emergence of Layer 3, there were L0, L1, and L2. These layers define the evolving transition of the blockchain tech. Notably, L0, known as Layer 0 was the initial stage of blockchain. It came with all the foundational elements of blockchain. As a matter of fact, many usually describe it as the underlying tech of blockchain. It provides the blockchain with the capacity to carry out cross-chain interoperability communication. However, layer 1 can also be regarded as the implementation layer and it includes the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and so on.

Later, Layer 2 came on board as an advanced scaling network, removing several interactions in Layer 0. Specifically, Layer 2 or L2s are used to describe protocols that are developed on top of L1s. They help to foster transaction speed and manage every scalability issue enveloped in layer 1s. Without any doubt, the emergence of this layer resulted in the development of numerous DeFi protocols. Today, amid the growing adoption of blockchain, scores of industries are integrating layer2 tech.

Nevertheless, Layer3 is the latest blockchain ecosystem around. This layer is mostly regarded as the application layer. The blockchain is usually divided into two sub-layers. It includes application and execution. With this, it is able to separate blockchains with cross-chain features to achieve interoperability. As an upgrade to layer 2, L3 comes with advanced customizability, allowing developers to customize apps that the previous layer cannot achieve.

Is Layer3 crucial to the future of blockchain?

Layer3 is crucial to the future of blockchain due to its game-changing innovations. With the growing popularity of the Web3 space, Layer3 solutions will provide developers an avenue to fine-tune the underlying technology that supports the blockchain. Additionally, it will address the deficiencies that have limited the global adoption of the blockchain. Therefore, it is safe to say that Layer3 is important to the future of blockchain as it will help birth new innovations and encourage more adoption. 

Furthermore, this layer helps to support developers in crafting solutions that previous layers failed to achieve. Some of these include low gas fees and privacy-championed features. Also, layer2 networks are utilized for general-purpose scaling. However, layer3 networks on the other end facilities designated scaling. Similarly, it helps developers to craft needed features like users’ privacy. 

Existing layer2 and layer1 networks are struggling to attain the aforementioned features. Complementing their shortcomings, layer3 will effectively enhance the computation speed and scalability of sole applications. This is because it doesn’t have to share ZK circuits with other solutions on a solitary network. Without a doubt, layer3 will help redefine existing narratives with some of its innovative features. The latest layer of the blockchain provides a higher level of throughput at a cheaper rate compared to layer2.


Layer3 has been able to address the issue of paying extra fees to complete transactions swiftly. The new model of the blockchain layer is designed to bypass the compression of data to underlying networks.

Also, it doesn’t rely on validation to protect assets stored on it. Likewise, its flexibility allows developers to utilize it as a low-cost and high-performing scaling solution. A type of solution that provides developers the avenue of exploring more choice to issues battling the development of their DeFi projects. 

Meanwhile, layer3 is still at a nascent stage which indicates its low popularity in the virtual assets industry. Nevertheless, the solution has enabling infrastructures to support the growth and adoption of the blockchain landscape. Against all doubts, some solutions layer3 offers will aid the advancement of the industry. Consequently, highlighting its importance to the future of the blockchain.  

Olaleye Komolafe
Olaleye Komolafe
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