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Entity Finance concludes day1 blockchain hub in Paris


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An Elrond ecosystem developers hub, Entity Finance has concluded the first day of its X-Day symposium in Paris, France. The event witnessed the coming together of prominent personalities in the digital assets space to deliberate on a wide-range issues relating to the sector.

Prominent personalities like The Co-Founder of Elrond Lucian Mincu, French Minister for Digital Transition and Telecommunications, Jean-Noël Barrot, and Popular Crypto Youtube star, Owen Simonin (Hasheur). In his words, the French minister Minister echoed the friendliness of France towards blockchain projects. He revealed that the French President is hoping to tap into Meteverse.

Keynotes by Elrond Executives

The co-founder of Elrond, Lucian Mincu also highlighted some of the key achievements of the protocol. According to Mincu, Elrond today ranks as the second biggest POS blockchain with 3200 nodes and carbon negative.

Sergiu Biris, head of products with Elrond, in his presentation, says Maiar looks to rebrand into xPortal. Further, Biris describes the platform as all-encompassing app for Payments/NFT’s/Connecting to other apps. The platform, according to him, is capable of connecting other wallets to the app enabling users to track all their Web3 wallets.

Lucian Todea further that the more users lock MEX, the more “energy” it stores. He, however, highlighted the benefits of the energy points based on the locked time. According to him, locking MEX for 365 days bring about 1x ep. Locking for 730 and 1460 days bring about 2x and 4x ep respectively, he added. The Elrond COO also announced that there will be a fee for unlocking the LKMEX and the fees go to LKMEX holders.

Additionally, he said newly generated LKMEX will not be transferable. Further, the COO said metabonding will no longer support EGLD Holders, but only LKMEX holders. Before leaving the stage, Todea announced the release of new tokenomics possesses the capacity to drop emission of MEX by 3x. He also hinted on plans to rebrand Ad Astra to xBridge and consequently enable BNB Chain/ERC20 assets and other wrapped assets.

Other Notable Keynotes

In his own remark, the CCO of UTRUST, Filipe Castro explained the benefits offered by his protocol to merchants and consumers. According to him, UTRUST aids easy integration for merchants with no technical knowledge. Also, the platform avails new revenue stream possibilities for merchants, he added.

Similarly, Augustin Dobre, CEO of Twispay also talked about the possibilities of an e-money institution through Twispay. Dobre hinted that Twispay has been bridging the gap between the Metaverse and the real world as a payment processor. The platform, according to him, has also engaged in numerous partnerships to aid its offerings.

Stefans Zakal, Head of Core Applications at Elrond in his presentation talked about xfabric product. According to him, xFabric runs as a platform which paves the way for the creation of web applications. Worth noting, Zakal said users don’t need a coding knowledge to explore the platform. He hinted that xfabric performs other notable functions, including allowing users to create and interact with Metaspaces. These opinions reflect how the day 1 of the X-day by Entity Finance addressed many issues in the digital asset sector.

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