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Terra adopts Governance Alert Bot


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Terra, an open-source blockchain protocol, has added a new governance alert bot. The protocol announced the development in a series of Twitter posts on its verified handle. Reportedly, the incorporated bot will help to alert its community to the latest governance unfolding on the protocol.

As announced, the new governance alert bot will allow community members to access new posts on the governance and proposals section of Agora. More so, it tends to serve as a facilitator of every new proposal about to enter the voting period on Terra Station. Similarly, this bot will notify members when there are 48 hours left to vote on a proposal. Going further, it reveals the end of a voting period for a proposal and its results.

The rebirth of Terra

Reportedly, this development comes a few months after the Terra 2.0 became launched. Recall that its founder, Do Kwon carried out the rebirth of Terra by its community after securing the approval of the community. The founder previously started a poll to seek the approval of the community on the Terra rebirth proposal. In the poll, a whopping 65% of the Terra community approved the rebirth proposal. 20% of the community abstained from the poll session while about 13.2% opposed the proposal. Kwon plans to totally remove UST on the blockchain. With this development, the new token becomes distributed as airdrops for those who lost their investment in LUNA and UST. The protocol also unveiled its discord group for validators.

Notably, the community also unanimously voted for a change the name of the original network to “Terra Classic.” This development changed the name of its tokens to LUNA Classic (LUNC). The community was optimistic the changes will help position the Terra 2.0 as the main network. As designed, the new Terra chain functions without an algorithmic stablecoin.

In recent times, the community has continued to play crucial roles in the advancement of the protocol. Terra, however, acknowledges the uncommon support from its community of users, validators, developers, and exchange partners. Now, Terra team plans to list the new $LUNA coin on as many exchanges as possible.

Recently, MetricsDAO collaborated with the protocol to set up its 2.0 data pipeline and develop core data models and abstractions in Snowflake. MetricsDAO also vow to educate the community on how to level up their SQL skills and onboard more analysts to the ecosystem with its Blockchain Analytics Course.

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