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Tencent Cloud launches first Web3 native solution, leverages support from Ankr


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Today, Tencent Cloud launched its first Web3 native solution; Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC. The initiative manifested as a result of a joint effort from the firm and popular Web3 infrastructure provider, Ankr. In a blog post that announced the unveiling, Ankr described the solution as a product designed for “organizations and enterprises seeking faster and more robust blockchain infrastructure access.”

The Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Ankr, Stanley Wu describes the collaboration with Tencent Cloud as a crucial moment for the firm. Also, Wu labeled the partnership as a remarkable progress for the Web3 industry. The CTO said the development will usher in a new era of accelerated progress in blockchain solutions. Lastly, Wu submitted that it would encourage more collaboration and innovation in the blockchain landscape. 

Further insights into the functions of the solution indicate that it will provide “dependable” infrastructure for developers in the Web3 landscape. Likewise, Ankr stated that the Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC will help developers stay ahead of trends in the industry. Additionally, the solution is structured to serve as a pathway to resourceful blockchain networks. 

Consequently, with Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC developers can query data and process transactions. As announced, developers can carry out the aforementioned activities on networks like Ethereum Mainnet, BNB Smart Chain, and Polygon PoS.

With support from Ankr, the solution will have the capability to process 1,800 requests per second on a chain. Therefore, providing developers an advantage in the industry by providing them with “high concurrency performance.” 

Access to Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC

In the announcement, Ankr explained how users can access the new solution. As revealed the initiative will come in two major versions; public and premium. The public version of Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC will provide free blockchain interactions with limited functions. Meanwhile, the premium version will adopt a Pay-as-you-Go system to facilitate blockchain interaction. Thus, offering users an increased request throughput and extended rate limits. 

However, the Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC will avail an “enterprise-exclusive” version. Ankr disclosed that the special version will cover more use cases and prominent regions across the globe shortly. The announcement also indicates plans to add more blockchains and API devices to the public and premium versions of the project.

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