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Ankr joins Chromia as network provider


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Chromia a relational blockchain network, today, has announced Ankr as one of its service providers. As revealed, Ankr will function as both a system and node provider. By that, the new partner will be saddled with the responsibility of supporting protocol functions belonging to the relational blockchain. 

Also, in the announcement, Ankr will provide infrastructural support for decentralized applications powered by Chromia. Likewise, Chromia provided insights into the emergence of Ankr as its latest partner. As indicated, the network provider according to Chromia emerged owing to its “extensive knowledge and experience.”

Chromia noted that it will leverage the strength of its latest partner to deliver an original and innovative blockchain network. Additionally, the relational blockchain network described Ankr as an “all-in-one Web3 developer hub.” It revealed that its newest partner offers a full suite of tools to design Web3 solutions. 

It is worth mentioning that Chromia’s description highlights the dominating presence of Ankr in the Web3 space. Lately, the service provider has contributed to a host of collaborative efforts that have projected it into the limelight in the Web3 landscape. 

Further, the recent partnership with Chromia came on the heels of the service provider’s collaboration with Mirage. Recall that in May 2023, Ankr partnered with Mirage to revolutionize the Web3 gaming landscape. According to a Binbits report, the collaboration then was geared towards providing support for developers to design gaming experiences equipped with notable Web3 features for users. 

How exploitation almost halted the growth of Ankr

However, Ankr is presently on a redemption path after suffering a significant setback in late 2022. According to Binbits, hackers stole about $5 million from the protocol. As reported, the hackers exploited Ankr’s eBNB tokens using tools like Tornado Cash and Uniswap to conceal the traces of the stolen funds. 

More so, analytical insights indicated that the hackers leveraged a bug that surfaced through a technical upgrade to the protocol. Findings further unraveled that the protocol carried out the upgrade a few hours before the attack. The attack to an extent kept the network provider’s growth at bay. 

Nevertheless, Ankr against all odds has set its sights on a redemption path and the focus has yielded positive results. Consequently, the network has gone from strength to strength ever since the attack. Ankr has collaborated various projects with a focus to forge ahead and curtail the consequences of the attack. 

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