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SONIO, Concordium partner to foster travel sector


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As part of its efforts towards aiding the travel sector, popular layer-one blockchain platform, Concordium has collaborated SONIO, a product of Advanced Living Technologies. The blockchain platform confirmed the development in its Thursday blog post. According to the announcement, Concordium aims to leverage on the collaboration to offer efficient and cost-effective application for the travel sector.

By so doing, the blockchain platform aims to streamline the hotel guest registration process. Its partner, SONIO is a notable platform, committed to improving the customer verification process, thereby eliminating the complications in any administrative operations. Through the partnership, SONIO will adopt the extensive Concordium Identity Verification (IDV) wallet infrastructure to develop the “SONIO ID wallet” app.

Worthy of note that this platform will rely on the encrypted zero-knowledge proofs of users’ identity attributes that are enveloped in the Concordium chain and wallet. Meanwhile, the SONIO ID wallet will ensure that guests control their personal data in a self-independent manner.

SONIO to enhance accessibility to its wallet through numerous partnerships

Remarkably, SONIO has developed several strategies to enhance the accessibility of this wallet. According to findings, one of those strategies is relying on its existing partnership with AT-VISIONS and its large network of global hotels.

More so, SONIO has secured a reseller agreement with Deutsche Telekom to achieve its goal of expanding the offering across the globe. Just recently, the platform signed a full-scale beta test partnership with Lindner hotels. Occasioned by this partnership, Lindner hotels will run a proof of product across all their traveling guests.

However, the senior partner manager at Deutsche Telekom, Daniel Schnitzler has reacted to the development. Schnitzler describes SONIO as a unique platform that has developed efficient product for the travel industry. According to the exec, the SONIO identity wallet will depend on Concordium IDV to function well. Further, the Deutsche Telekom manager announced Lindner Hotels & Resorts as the first customer in ensuring guest identification and reporting.

More so, the Chief Business Officer of SONIO, Dieter Kindl Dieter also reacted to the development. According to Kindl, the ID wallet will bring about digitalization of processes for its customers. Additionally, the spokesperson said the product will also be useful to the travel industry. Kindl expressed the delight of the SONIO team to work with Concordium to aid the functionality of the wallet.

In a separate reaction, the Chief of Operations with Concordium, Conor Ringland commended SONIO for the self-sovereign wallet initiative. According to Ringland, the protocol will be able to advance the future of blockchain efficiencies with this product.

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