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Solana launches Solang for developers to write smart contracts


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Solana has launched Solang a new compiler to allow developers to design smart contracts using Solidity. As announced in an official blog post today, the firm launched the initiative to onboard more EVM developers into the Solana ecosystem. It is worth mentioning that Ethereum smart contracts are written in Solidity. With Solang, it intends to become more accessible to developers of all types and consequently, boost the number of smart contracts in its ecosystem.

In the blog post, Solana went on to list some notable features of the compiler. The firm listed how Solang supports Solana SPL tokens and provides access to native Solana in-built functionality, among many others. Additionally, the blockchain protocol highlighted its commitment to availing more programming languages for developers in its ecosystem.

The firm went on to recollect how the Solana ecosystem enjoyed the patronage of developers after it launched Seahorse. Furthermore, the Seahorse project allows developers to write Solana smart contracts in Python; the most popular programming language in the world.

Meanwhile, Solana revealed that Solang is a reflection of its push toward expanding the reach of its ecosystem. Also, the project provided a beginner’s guide to aid developers in using the new compiler. As announced, the guide will aid developers to leverage their knowledge about Solidity to design smart contracts on the network.

Solana and its commitment to empowering developers in its ecosystem

Despite the downturn in the market, Solana has shown great efforts to empower developers on its network. In recent times, it launched several grant programs to make it easy for them to build in the ecosystem. The most recent one was launched in April 2023. Then, it described the empowerment program as convertible grants. Notably, convertible grants are those grants that will turn to investments when the concerned project attains certain feats. According to the protocol, such grants lack the restraints associated with traditional grants, thereby making it easy for developers to build worthwhile projects.

Solana boasted that the grants, affirm its commitment to explore various funding options to ensure the growth of its ecosystem. However, it warned that its investment in a project should not be seen as an endorsement of such a project over another.

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