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Sahicoin Raises $1.75 Million Seed Money


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Sahicoin, the crypto platform, has successfully raised a hefty $1.75 million seed money in seed funding, the initial funding stage, which has been led by Alameda Ventures (FTX), Better Capital Ventures, and other institutional investors.

What Is Sahicoin?

The global crypto market is increasing, following an exponential graph. As a result, it is likely to cross the one billion mark for users in the next couple of years. You must have heard of various crypto platforms, Sahicoin being one of them. The only difference

This was founded by IIT Kanpur alumni Amit Nyak, Ankush Rajput, and Melbin Thomas in 2021. This platform aims to bridge the gap between new investors and crypto experts.

The three geniuses set their foot in the crypto world in 2017. They cultivated an idea to help crypto enthusiasts, something they wanted in their initial days. Thus, Sahicoin became their brainchild. It intends to provide trustworthy and authentic advice to crypto lovers.

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Crypto experts share knowledge, trends and updates related to the crypto world and, in turn, enable people to make wise and responsible investment decisions. Today, it has experts and users from India, the UK, US, Canada, Singapore, UAE and five more countries.

The Sahicoin app is available on both iOS and Android. It is more of an educational app that educates users on the crypto world and how to handle them. It plans to extend partners and exchange hands with Defi and NFT players.

Investment In Sahicoin

Various angel investors, CXOs and founders participated in the seed funding of Sahicoin. They include YouTubers and Podcaster Ranveer Allahbadia, Cricketer Suresh Raina, CRED Kunal Shah, Gyanesh Maheshwar of Coinbase, Ariel Jalali of Paragon Tech, Naveen Kukreja of Paisabazaar, Amit Chand of TCNS, Saurabh Aggarwal of Fitso and several others.

This startup gives a platform to its users to test investment strategies and gain points and rewards. Thus, if you are yearning to know more about the crypto world, Sahicoin is the ultimate place to enrich you with investment decisions and market insights.

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