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Safepal announces integration of AptosLabs


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Popular cryptocurrency wallet, Safepal has announced its decision to integrate Aptos Labs into its network. The protocol announced the development in a Tuesday blog post. According to Safepal, its software and hardware wallet will become fully compatible with Aptos blockchain in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Safepal added that Aptos lacks a live token asset. Meanwhile, it promised to avail necessary support to the assets once it becomes fully available.

Founded in 2021, Aptos, according to Safepal runs as a Web3 startup that specializes in developing scalable Layer1 blockchains. With its headquarter in Palo Alto, California, the Aptos labs team supervises Aptos project. The protocol co-founder, Mo Shaikh, and Avery Ching were previous employees of Meta. During their time in Meta, Shaikh ad Ching worked together on various projects, including the Diem blockchain project.

Within the last three years, over 350 developers across the globe have worked on the Aptos blockchain. Also, the protocol furnishes new and novel innovations in consensus, smart contract design, system security, performance, and decentralization. As revealed, the main component of Aptos blockchain is its scalability, safety, reliability, and upgradeability.

In addition, Safepal says Aptos blockchain natively incorporates and internally uses the Move language to carry out fast and secure transactions. Using its high level of security, it safeguards developers’ software from malicious sites. Also, community members enjoy a rewards program identified as Aptos Incentivized Testnet-3 (AIT-3).

Safepal wallet’s integration of Binance Connect

This development comes a few weeks after Safepal also integrated Binance Connect. The Binance Connect allows customers to make cryptocurrency payments within the SafePal wallet app. The partnership between the protocol and Binance connect now enables users to safely purchase cryptocurrency products from trusted sources. As revealed, users can access Binance Connect via the crypto buy option inside the SafePal wallet, when products such as BTC, ETH, BNB, and SFP are purchased using Visa or MasterCard.

Notably, SafePal provides three decentralized wallet solutions to help users trade, swap, manage and secure crypto assets. This wallet can be intertwined to allow users to explore Web3 world. It’s hardware wallet runs as an electronic device that protects users’ private keys. The hardware operates by keeping the keys secured offline. Also, the hardware protects crypto assets from online attackers and hackers.

According to SafePal, it aims to secure and provide a friendly environment for its users. In addition, it intends to support latest tokens and chains to meet the demands of everyone. As of now, SafePal supports 14 languages, 48 blockchain and over 100, 000 tokens.

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