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RPC connection; Ankr partners Filecoin


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As part of its Remote Procedure Call (RPC) program, Ankr has partnered with Filecoin. The firm confirmed the development today via a blog post stating that it is now offering Filecoin-hosted nodes as a service. As revealed, the collaboration came shortly after the EVM-compatible Filecoin Virtual Machine became launched yesterday.

Accordingly, Ankr highlighted some prominent benefits of the collaboration. The firm stated that the collaboration will aid Web3 solutions and developers to communicate seamlessly with the Filecoin storage network. Also, Ankr indicated that it will focus on making the Filecoin JSON RPC API layer stronger. Thus, aiding the system to handle huge traffic loads.

More so, Ankr revealed how developers can access Filecoin Public, Premium, and Enterprise RPC endpoints. Consequently aiding them to send API requests and receive responses that are similar to the feedback they would get by running a Filecoin node on their own.

The importance of the collaboration with Filecoin for developers

Meanwhile, in the blog post, Ankr illuminated the importance of its collaboration with Filecoin for developers. The firm explained how its latest RPC will allow developers to connect to the Filecoin network. Similarly, Ankr’s Filecoin RPC as revealed will help developers to eliminate complex nodes. With the innovation, developers won’t have to establish their own Filecoin Lotus node. Therefore, saving them time against building, calibrating and fixing node setbacks.

Further insights indicated that through the partnership, developers will enjoy access to advanced tools to fast-track their building process. Some of these tools include specialized Filecoin endpoints, prioritized traffic and about 1,500 Filecoin requests per second. Henceforth, developers will enjoy a host of high-performance nodes with the needed information on how to design and operate dApps connected with Filecoin data, the announcement indicated.

Sidenotes about Ankr Filecoin RPC

As stated in the announcement, Ankr’s Filecoin RPC is a connection between wallets, command-line interfaces, and dApps with the Filecoin Network. In the announcement, the innovation was likened to a messenger or blockchain router that conveys on-chain information between Filecoin nodes, dApps and end-users.

Furthermore, through the innovation, Ankr will provide geo-distributed Filecoin RPC that consists of Filecoin Lotus blockchain nodes. These nodes are designed for worldwide low-latency and reliable connections. Through the announcement, the firm explained how Filecoin RPC endpoints are the gateway for developers to interact directly with the Filecoin storage system.

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