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Rei Network collaborates Cyber City to bridge gap between virtual and physical world


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Rei Network has collaborated with Cyber City to onboard more users into the Metaverse. According to an announcement on its official Twitter page, Rei Network highlighted that it will work alongside Cyber City to bridge the gap between the virtual and physical world. Also, the firm disclosed its intention of bringing more exciting experiences to users.

Consequently, Rei Network and Cyber City will work together to organize a carnival metaverse. The network will leverage its new partner’s innovative features to achieve this focus. In the announcement, the firm describes Cyber City as a competitive web3 cyberverse with tokenized assets, virtual lands, and NFT characters. 

Meanwhile, the focus on the metaverse emanated as the first fruit of the two firms’ collaboration. Recall that on July 14, 2023, Cyber City announced its collaboration with Rei Network. Then, the firm failed to disclose the nature of the partnership. While announcing the partnership, Cyber City highlighted how the protocol can help projects and individuals adapt to the development trend of the blockchain. The firm said the project can help users achieve a lightweight, EVM compatible, and higher performance.

How Rei Network has championed collaborating with other projects to enhance its services. 

The collaboration with Cyber City surfaced less than twenty-four hours after Rei Network partnered with RYI Unity. In recent times, the project has emerged as one of the fastest-growing ecosystems in the blockchain landscape. This is due to how it has championed collaborating with various projects to enhance its services and push for its adoption. 

Regarding the collaboration with RYI Unity, the network intended to provide users with a safe, secure, and easy pathway to access numerous DeFi services. The two partners intended to change the existing narrative about how users interact with blockchain and DApps. More so, the two partners will leverage their respective strengths to achieve the focus.

Additionally, Rei Network through the partnership aims to improve its presence in the DeFi space. Lately, the project hasn’t enjoyed much attention in the DeFi landscape. This is due to the tough competition in the industry. According to Defillama, the Total Value Locked (TVL) of the Rei Network is worth $9,419. 

Recently, a Binbits report indicated how Rei Network introduced the BLS signature algorithm to its platform. According to the report, the firm intended to aggregate signature and key aggregation by adopting the algorithm.

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