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QuickNode launches an all-in-one guide to ease onboarding to Web3


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Popular web3 infrastructure provider, QuickNode has released its new builders’ guide. The firm made the disclosure on Tuesday via a post on its official page on X (formerly Twitter). In the announcement, QuickNode described the new guide as the “go-to resource” for launching a successful web3 project. 

While providing insights about the newly released guide, the firm established that the initiative will provide strategic guidance and recommend essential tools for building web3 solutions. Likewise, the firm stated that the guide is a tactical tool aimed at empowering beginner and seasoned developers alike. 

Also, QuideNode discussed how the building process for web3 tools can be cumbersome and can slow the creative process of developers due to its technicality. With the guide, the firm established that developers would be able to complete the building process of web3 tools faster. 

Using the guide, the firm disclosed that developers will be able to build their blockchain, design a web3 game, and create embedded wallets for their users. Furthermore, QuickNode added that it collaborated with renowned top-tier partners and leading web3 firms to compile the guide. 

In addition, the firm stated that the guide can also aid developers in introducing tools that cut across Blockchain analytics, staking, aggregators, swap, stablecoin, NFTs, and payment systems. 

Side Note on QuickNode

It is worth mentioning that QuickNode released the builder’s guide shortly after launching the mainnet of its Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain, Cyber. According to a Binbits report, the web3 firm designed the layer 2 network specifically for decentralized social applications. 

As revealed, Cyber operates as a modular EVM chain based on Optimism’s OP Stack. Hence with its continuous development on OP Stack, the layer 2 network is compatible with other EVM chains. The network leveraging Eigenlayer’s EigenDA minimizes transaction fees for users while enhancing its security. 

Meanwhile, QuickNode has focused more on expanding the scope of its operations after completing a $60 million funding round in January 2023. Ever since the firm has partnered and released numerous projects emphasizing its commitment to redefining how people interact with blockchain using social applications. 

Since its establishment in 2017, the firm has worked with scores of developers and companies, offering dApps and providing high-performance access to more than 30 blockchains. Therefore, QuickNode has earned a reputable status as a leading web3 infrastructure provider. 

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