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QuickNode launches Layer 2 chain, Cyber


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Blockchain development platform, QuickNode has launched its Ethereum layer 2 blockchain, Cyber on mainnet. Confirming the development through its blog post, QuickNode affirms its commitment to redefining how users engage with blockchain through social applications.

Renowned as the first restaked Ethereum layer 2 designed for decentralized social applications, Cyber features native smart accounts (account abstraction) and seedless wallets (Passkey and Webauthn). The platform also simplifies users experience on decentralized applications.

Cyber runs as a modular EVM chain built on Optimism’s OP Stack. Its continuous development on OP Stack makes it compatible with other EVM chains. Likewise, Cyber’s data availability layer is built with Eigenlayer’s EigenDA, thus minimizing transaction costs for users and increasing security.

According to QuickNode, Cyber will harness the capabilities of a decentralized sequencer so that users can seamlessly run their node or stake with AVS operators to earn network incentives. Also, leveraging a sequencer will also help the L2 solution to effectively manage risks like censorship.

Last year, QuickNode partnered with MistTrack, a renowned blockchain infrastructure provider to offer swift and efficient tracking of on-chain transactions. The partnership provides an easier and safer mode of tracking on-chain transactions for users.

QuickNode secured $60 million funding

Earlier, QuickNode completed a $60 million funding round. As revealed, the proceeds of the round was used to fund its global expansion and onboard more users and developers into its ecosystem. The round was led by Venture capital firm, 10T Fund and other participants including Tiger Global, Seven Seven Six and QED.

At its core, QuickNode streamlines usage of blockchain. It saves developers from the stress of focusing on everything that goes into running blockchain infrastructure such as DevOps/ NodeOps, uptime, scaling, security, and tooling. Instead, they focus on the project they are building alone.

Contributing to its market appeal is its ability to eliminate the difficulties associated with node maintenance and synchronization. It also helps businesses to scale and execute their web3 strategies. As of press time, the network processes over 200 billion requests per month across over 40 networks in 14+ regions worldwide.

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