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Polygon launches its zkEVM solution on mainnet


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Today, a popular blockchain firm, Polygon unveiled its final mainnet for zkEVM solution. In a recent post on its verified Twitter handle, the protocol gave the details of the solution, particularly its capacity to help scale Ethereum.

As designed, the Polygon zkEVM solution run transactions on rollups into a zero-knowledge proof. It then goes ahead to execute this proofs on Ethereum. In addition, the technology helps to keep Ethereum unclogged with activities by reducing transactions into small pieces of data.

Notably, Polygon Co-founder, Mihalio Bjelic described zkEVM as the “holy grail” of blockchain scaling. According to him, the solution features three significant traits. They include scalability, security and EVM compatibility.

The Polygon co-founder added that the proofs executed on rollups are easily compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. This according to him, makes it easier for developers to simply move projects written with Solidity over to the network. Recall that Solidity is a known Ethereum programming language.

Meanwhile, Bjelic wants users to take caution while onboarding to the scaling solution. The Polygon co-founder urged them to give the technology more time and not to move large funds into it yet. He described zkEVM as a bleeding-edge technology deployed on the mainnet for the first time.

The Polygon co-founder, however maintained that the scaling solution was well tested before its full launch. According to Bjelic, it went through both internal and external comprehensive auditing cycle. He noted that his teams also identified several bugs and made necessary improvements since the launch of its testnet in October.

Polygon zKEVM attracting more than 50 projects after mainnet launch

Worthy of note that the launch of polygon zkEVM has attracted more than 50 projects in the crypto space. Some of these projects include Quickswap, Etherscan, Phantom, Midnight Society, Luganodes, Celer, Gameswift, Yeeha Games and many more. Also, Uniswap decentralized exchange and Aave lending protocol have submitted proposals to join Polygon zkEVM.

Meanwhile, the launch comes barely two weeks after the blockchain firm partnered with Unstoppable Domains to unveil .polygon domain. As revealed, the partnership aims towards providing users with accessibility to Web3 applications. As such, the .polygon domain will be made available across every decentralized applications on the Ethereum sidechain. In addition, the domain is geared towards providing an avenue for unstoppable users to effortlessly widen their polygon-based Web3 ingenuity. It will also encourage the sending of crypto and NFTs across the sidechain.

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