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Polygon integrates ZenGo to onboard new wave of users to web3


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In another advancement, ZenGo a self-custodial wallet has announced its integration with the Polygon network. Through an announcement on its Twitter page today, ZenGo established that it’ll leverage the safety of the Polygon ecosystem to provide the most secure self-custody wallet.

Furthermore, ZenGo has made history through its integration with Polygon. Now, the self-custodial wallet emerges as the first without seed phrase vulnerability to integrate with Polygon. In the announcement, the firm established that the integration will aid it to advance its user experience. ZenGo registered hope in the capacity of Polygon to assist it in onboarding a new set of users into the Web 3.0 sphere.

Notably, the firm attested that Polygon has some characteristics that distinguish it from other ecosystem. The first stressed how these features suit its vision of providing the safest self-custodial wallet. More so, ZenGo established that the integration will be a game-changing one for Polygon users. Providing them with good alternatives to protect their assets.

Worth establishing that self-custodial wallet provided by ZenGo doesn’t require the creation of Seed Phrases. The firm highlighted the risk attached to them, stating that its Secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC) is the game changer. ZenGo leverage this technology to eliminate the need for Seed Phrases.

Meanwhile, the head of DeFi at Polygon Labs, Hamzah Khan has reacted to the integration. In his words, the executive described how the integration is essential to the Polygon community. He said, “Today, digital asset security is still one of the biggest concerns, especially when it comes to those just starting their Web3 journey. This is why the integration of ZenGo is so beneficial to Polygon users,” he added.

The recent growth of the Polygon ecosystem

Lately, Polygon has emerged as one of the fastest-growing ecosystems. The network ended 2022 on a positive note after collaborating, integrating and hosting numerous projects.

Top innovations from Nike, Meta, Flipkart, Firozabad Police Department, Robinhood, Wild Card, Midnight Society, Starbucks, Reddit and One Planet Lending Solution all enjoyed the contribution of Polygon to their respective projects. Presently, the ecosystem has attracted some DeFi projects, therefore boosting the Total Value Locked on it to $1.1 billion according to DeFi Llama.

It’s worth establishing that the recent insolvency issues involving crypto custodial service providers have necessitated the exodus of users to seek decentralized mediums of keeping their crypto assets. Therefore, leading to the growing popularity of Self-custodial service providers like Ledger and ZenGo.

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