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Pendle Earn launches on OKX wallet, to bridge DeFi and CeFi


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Today, via a post on X (Formerly Twitter) Pendle Finance announced the launching of its Earn program on OKX wallet. In the announcement, the decentralized finance platform regarded the move as a significant milestone. The protocol revealed that the launching of the Earn program on OKX wallet is an attempt to bridge the DeFi and CeFi; centralized finance together. 

More so, the firm described the innovation as an attempt to avail DeFi yield opportunities to a wide range of users. Further, the announcement indicated that users can explore Pendle on stETH & wstETH by Lido Finance. Additionally, with the launching of Pendle on OKX wallet, users will enjoy seamless access to DeFi fixed Yields. 

The innovation will allow users to explore DeFi Fixed Yield within the “comfort and familiarity” of their preferred platform. Also, the newly launched initiative will allow users to enjoy the trustless transparency of Pendle’s fully-on-chain offerings. While describing the motive behind the innovation, Pendle Finance stated that the launching of its product on OKX wallet will help realize its vision of making DeFi yields available to a larger audience. 

Pendle Earn growing presence in the DeFi space 

The recent launching on the OKX wallet represents a landmark growth for Pendle Earn which surfaced last month. According to a Binbits report, the DeFi platform launched its Earn program on July 18, 2023. The product surfaced in an attempt to provide lucrative and safe returns for users. 

Binbits in the report indicated that Pendle Earn aims to streamline the process and retain the core features of DeFi. Then, the DeFi platform revealed that the product would be on-chain, therefore making it transparent and accessible to users. Also, the platform simplified its interface to facilitate the onboarding of new users. Consequently, eliminating the need for vast knowledge about DeFi to access the platform. Then, the report provided insights into Pendle Fiance integration with various platforms like OKX Wallet. 

Owing to that, the project emphasized the flexibility of the Pendle Earn initiative towards embracing centralized exchanges and institutional entities. The flexibility according to the platform is aimed at ensuring mass adoption of the project and onboarding more users. Prior to the launching on the OKX wallet, Pendle Finance recently extended its services to the BNB chain. The service extended reflected the platform’s focus on onboarding more users and gaining additional revenue. 

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