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PancakeSwap launches smart router solution


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Popular automated market maker and decentralized exchange, PancakeSwap has launched its Smart Router solution. The exchange announced the development in a blog post on Friday. As revealed, the exchange intends to harness the router to enable users enjoy best possible price while trading through StableSwap.

According to PancakeSwap, smart router runs as a routing algorithm that combines the AMM and StableSwap to provide better liquidity and pricing. It utilizes a smart order routing algorithm that implements trades across numerous pools to find the best price for traders. Through smart Router, slippage will become minimized while also offering the most efficient trade. Also, PancakeSwap says more StableSwap pairs will be rolled out to test and improve the product in subsequent times.

Worth noting that the PancakeSwap Smart Router enables the exchange of stablecoins and other pairs with similar prices using the same trade steps. Also, occasioned by the router, trading slippage becomes lower than the normal AMM through the StableSwap function. In addition, it also lessen transaction fees on StableSwap when compared to the normal AMM.

PancakeSwap & its partnership with Fewcha wallet

Notably, the launching of PancakeSwap Smart Router comes barely two weeks after it partnered with Fewcha Wallet. According to the exchange, the partnership aims to aid its expansion into the Aptos ecosystem. Occasioned by the partnership, users can now easily navigate and find PancakeSwap in Fewcha’s app explorer. Remarkably, the Fewcha wallet allows users to move cryptocurrencies between their wallet and Dapps. In addition, users are allowed to create more wallets for asset management and track all their wallet transaction history. Also, it allows users to manage their NFT collectibles and as well set their in-app name service. Worth noting that Fewcha wallet intends to become the first trusted wallet for the Aptos ecosystem.

Also in October, PancakeSwap proposed its mainnet deployment to Aptos, a scalable layer 1 blockchain. The exchange aims to allow the deployment of CAKE to another chain. According to PancakeSwap, this proposal manifested as its first native multi-chain proposal. PancakeSwap in a statement revealed that its consideration of Aptos manifested due to various reasons. The exchange noted that Aptos operate as a next generation L1 blockchain. Also pancakeswap revealed that the block chain provides low transaction cost and fast transaction speed.

Additionally, PancakeSwap noted that Aptos employs a novel and developer optimized approach to parallel execution. This in turn facilitate numerous technical and user improvements.

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