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Fewcha partners PancakeSwap to aid its expansion


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Leading multi-chain decentralized exchange, PancakeSwap has partnered Fewcha walllet. According to an announcement by Fewcha, the partnership manifested to aid its expansion on the Aptos ecosystem. Occasioned by the partnership, users can now easily find PancakeSwap in Fewcha’s app explorer.

Worthy of note that Fewcha wallet allows users to transfer cryptocurrencies between their wallets and Dapps. Also, it enables them to create more wallets for asset management, track all their wallet transaction history, manage their NFT collectibles and as well set their in-app name service. More so, the crypto wallet aims to become the first trusted wallet for Aptos ecosystem.

Additionally, the wallet provides web3 solutions for contributors on Aptos ecosystem. As of press time, Fewcha boasts of over 45,000 users. Furthermore, the crypto wallet features a lot of explorable functionalities. According to findings, it also possesses a high level of security for users. It was developed by a team of over 15 years experience in software development. Over time, Fewcha has continued to integrate numerous dApps and major NFT marketplaces on Aptos blockchain.

Fewcha engaging in numerous partnerships to expand its offerings

In recent times, Fewcha has been engaging in numerous partnerships to expand and improve its offerings. Recall that in early November, the crypto wallet collaborated Celer network. According to the announcement, Fewcha, through the partnership, enables users to access the fast, secure and low-cost services of Celer on its wallet. It also listed cab ridge in its wallet explorer, allowing users to send the token from one chain to Aptos.

Earlier, the crypto wallet partnered Meson, a platform which offers faster and safer way to execute low-cost, zero-slippage stablecoins cross-chain swaps across leading blockchains. Fewcha, through this partnership aims to enable users explore Meson’a bridge to receive tokens from other chains with its wallet. Also, in late October, it further integrated Atodex to strengthen and create more value for the Aptos ecosystem.

Last July, the crypto wallet launched its web3 connection libraries. According to findings, the libraries run as tools for dApps developers to integrate with Aptos ecosystem. These developers can connect to local or remote Aptos through the libraries just by using API URL or direct connection to Fewcha wallet. Recently, Zappos Finance integrated this web3 libraries and Fewcha wallet to enable users interact its liquidity staking platform. Recall that Zaptos runs as a staking platform on Aptos, allowing users to stake their assets in a bid to earn rewards. Through its Fewcha integration, it aims to allow its stakers enjoy user-friendly accessibility.

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