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Over 29,000 signs petition for Binance to list Floki Inu


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Over 29,000 members of the Floki Inu community have signed the petition for popular crypto exchange, Binance to list FLOKI. The team behind the dog-themed coin announced the development in a Monday tweet on its verified handle. Recall that the crypto project recently launched the petition on its platform.

Now, the project community has overwhelmingly supported that the project becomes listed on Binance exchange. According to data from change.org, the numbers of signature on the petition have increased. As of now, over 35,000 people have supported this potential listing.

Notably, this petition is not the first petition as regards listing Floki Inu on major exchange. Early this year, a petition was launched to get Floki inu listed on the Robinhood trading platform. As of now, the Robinhood listing has reportedly amassed 1902 signatures.

Floki Inu runs as a meme coin that unite the power of images artistically. It combines force and chance from monetary examiner to deliver to the people. Last July, FLOKI became incorporated to LiteBit exchange. Also, the crypto project obtained its first pair trading against EUR on LiteBit. EUR reportedly burned through Amazon with “massive potential.”

Also, Floki powers NFTs games. Over time, the price of FLOKI have continued to struggle. About two weeks ago, the price of Floki dropped to $0.000015. The market downtrend however received criticism from users as other altcoins and crypto market bounced back regardless of the winter market.

Floki Inu replicates Shiba Inu with petition

Recall that a similar kind of Floki petition became initiated last year to get Shiba Inu launched on Robinhood. Shiba Inu remains recognized as the second-largest meme coin by market capitalization. As revealed, about 500,000 SHIB army signed the petition. After the petition, SHIB became listed on Robinhood.

To raise prices on different exchanges, most meme coins, including Floki inu embraced the technique of gradually burning their circulating supply. Notably, coin such as SHIB and BabyDoge have actively burned their circulating supply this year. Also, SHIB army began to transfer their meme coins to dead wallets in October last year.

Notably, Shib Super Store, one of SHIB burn initiatives led by game developer and entrepreneur Travis Johnson is wielding Amazon to eliminate SHIB circulating supply. According to him, Amazon has enormous potential to let him burn Shiba Inu. Also, Johnson reportedly uses his commissions from Amazon sales, his advertising profits, and his Youtube channels to purchase SHIB.

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