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Orbs partners IntentX, SYMMIO to revolutionize derivatives and spot trading


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In a bid to become a major player in the cryptocurrency market, Orbs has joined forces with IntentX and SYMMIO to advance on-chain derivatives. The development surfaced after Orbs, a layer3 blockchain network engaged in a strategic partnership with intentX and SYMMIO. More so, the layer3 network is aiming to leverage the collaborations to make an entry into on-chain derivatives.

Furthermore, to actualize the purpose of the collaboration between the three firms, the partners will focus on the potential use cases within the on-chain derivatives landscape. Hence, Orbs will focus on becoming a force to reckon with by combining its layer 3 technology and the strengths of its partners. More so, the collaboration will focus on Integrating Liquidity Hub into IntentX for RFQ spot trading.

As revealed the spot trading innovation will become available on the IntentX platform. Also, Orbs will focus on expanding IntentX’s spot trading via Liquidity Hub to Base and Arbitrum network. The partners intend to become a powerhouse that will position them at the forefront of on-chain RFQ trading innovation. To actualize this goal, Orbs will play a prominent role as an infrastructural provider by integrating its Liquidity Hub protocol into intentX’s frontend for RFQ-based spot trading.

How the Strategic in Thena Will Help Fastrack the Goals of Orbs, SYMMION, and IntentX

Additionally, Orbs will allow SYMMION to use its layer 3 technology to enhance its contracts. Meanwhile, before the collaboration of the trio, Orbs had previously invested in THENA, another prominent UI venue for perps that is also leveraging SYMMIO’s technology. Recall that in December 2023, Binbits reported that Orbs invested in Thena. 

According to the report, the layer 3 network made a financial commitment in Thena. Consequently, the investment in the project is set to push it into the limelight in the DeFi space. However, before the collaboration, Thena and Orbs maintained a mutual relationship. Before the investment, Thena integrated the dLIMIT and dTWAP technologies of the layer 3 network.

Due to that, Thena gained support to establish a pathway for its users to enjoy advanced algorithmic trading strategies. The investment is as well targeted at supporting Orb’s goal of becoming a prominent player in the on-chain derivatives market. With that, the partners intend to push the on-chain derivatives to the next level and help them overshadow traditional DEX-AMMs.

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