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Blockchain analysis to hit new height as MultiversX becomes available on Google BigQuery


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Popular distributed blockchain network, MultiversX is now available on Google BigQuery. The blockchain network made the disclosure on Tuesday through an official blog post. According to the announcement, the latest development will enhance users’ accessibility to on-chain data. 

As revealed, the integration of MultiversX to Google BigQuery will give users more access to the information on the blockchain network. Also, it will allow access to data on the blockchain network to anyone with a Google Account. Further, with the latest development, Google users can now get insights about MultiversX without running specialized software or waiting to sync the ledger. 

Some of these data according to the announcement are details about the latest blocks, daily transaction count, largest EGLD transfers in a specific timeframe, or top used smart contracts. Similarly, the integration will help users enjoy innovations that will aid them use MultiversX for recording and conducting on-chain activities. 

Likewise, project teams can also use the network to understand their users’ behavior, and evaluate their product development priorities. As announced, the initiative will further aid users in transferring ownership of virtual assets. Meanwhile, in the blog post, MultiversX described Google BigQuery as an enterprise-grade and petabyte-scale cloud data warehouse. As indicated, Google BigQuery uses a cost-effective pay-as-you-go pricing model. 

It is worth mentioning that this isn’t the first Google Cloud and the blockchain firm will be working together. Recall that in 2023, MultiversX partnered in the Google Cloud booth at GITEX Global, Dubai. Now, the latest effort represents one of the many initiatives Google Cloud and MultiversX will work on.

Further Insights into the Integration of MultiversX into Google BigQuery

More so, the CIO of MultiversX Foundation, Lucian Mincu, provided more insights into the integration. The executive said, “Analyzing and interpreting data to reveal useful insights and information about product usage is a science barely explored compared to its potential utility for the web3 space.” 

Consequently, Lucian Mincu stated that Google has helped solve some of these issues for MultiversX projects. Lastly, the executive described the initiative as “an important step towards making dApps better, more useful, and more appealing to the masses.” 

However, the latest synergy between Google Cloud and MultiversX will not be limited to the integration. The firm went on to establish how it will work together with Google on various initiatives to enhance the global adoption of Web3. Some of these initiatives include startup accelerator programs, hackathons and developer initiatives, and joint business developments. 

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