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OpenOcean partners LineaBuild to promote decentralized trading


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Renowned DEX aggregator OpenOcean has collaborated with LineaBuild, an Ethereum developer. In a Twitter post, OpenOcean confirmed the development, saying the collaboration is geared toward providing aids for decentralized trading.

Meanwhile, the partnership comes almost a month after OpenOcean launched support for Polygon zkEVM on its network. By virtue of this development, it became the first Dex aggregator to develop on Polygon zkEVM and support the deepest on-chain liquidity. Notably, the polygon zkEVM runs as a new technology developed to foster zero-knowledge technology.

The solution, according to OpenOcean was developed in order to facilitate the scaling of Ethereum chain, improve transaction speed and add more value to the burgeoning polygon ecosystem. Similarly, the zkEVM project offers the same level of security as that of Polygon and Ethereum chain. Also, it stretches the limits of developer imagination of on-chain and blockchain interoperability. According to the product lead at Polygon zkEVM, Grace Torrellas, General purpose zkEVM remains the best model to effectively scale the Ethereum ecosystem. Torrellas noted that the solution runs in a trustless and censorship-resistant manner.

In April, OpenOcean also integrated MetaMask to its ecosystem. This integration thus enable swap options for numerous blockchains on OpenOcean platform. Also, it helps to aid the efficiency of on-chain swaps, thereby making them cheaper and faster and also established a pathway for users to enjoy more liquidity. At the moment, the protocol support Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Avalanche.

OpenOcean expands to Optimism

Early this year, the protocol also expanded its operation to Optimism, a layer 2 roll-up network. The expansion provides an avenue for users to swap tokens between Optimism and other chains supported by OpenOcean. Notably, the two bridges involved in this expansion are MultiChain and Celer.

In late 2022, the DEX aggregator also launched a layer 1 blockchain on Aptos. According to an announcement by OpenOcean at that time, it launched the solution as part of its efforts to expand its presence across the DeFi space. Notably, other deep liquidity sources made available on Aptos through OpenOcean include Pontem, Pancake, Aux, Ditto, Autoswap, AnimsSwap, Econia, Basiq and among others.

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